Allen Heath ICE-16 Channel Multitrack Recorder Review

With 16 analog inputs and outputs, the Allen Heath ICE-16 Channel Multitrack Recorder has the capacity to record 16 tracks of audio directly to your computer hard drive or to a USB key. You have the option to connect one or 16 analog inputs through any input level, attach your memory output source, then simply press “Record” to capture all your live shows, conferences, and rehearsals. This multitrack recorder comes with a front USB socket you can use to easily capture sound, and then, store it in a USB storage device. Capture sound in industry-standard WAV file format with the help of this system’s hybrid FireWire/USB 2.0 16 x 16 audio interface. Signals and peak levels for each channel are clearly indicated on LED meters. Store up to six hours of 16-channel audio on a 32GB USB stick. Adopt FireWire to daisy-chain multiple units, and use this multitrack recorder’s mono headphone bus to monitor input and output. You have the option to sync two units beyond the 16 tracks to increase playback and recording capabilities. This unit is easy to use with its intuitive control and familiar transport buttons.

Mix or playback recordings saved on your hard drive or USB key. Use the ICE-16 as a 16 x 16 Channel interface in your studio by directly connecting it to your computer. Develop capacity to stream high-quality digital audio output from 24 bit up to 96 kHz sample rates with the included FireWire, or link high-speed USB 2.0 units streamed over FireWire to include more channels. Whether it’s live recording or the ideal soundproof enclosure in your studio, you can record multiple units on multiple USB devices kept in sync with DIN connectors. Allen & Heath has come up with a multitrack recorder that is compatible with their Mix Wizard, ZED, GL mixers, and other analogue consoles. This unit can be plugged directly into your desk Direct Outs or used with a mix of auxiliary and group sends to utilize fewer channels. By powering up your Allen Heath ICE-16 Channel Multitrack Recorder without a USB stick or by removing the USB stick, you can enable the USB/FireWire interface. Your PC or Mac will receive input signals on channels 1 to 16.


  • Has item dimensions of 13.4” x 23.6” x 5.9”
  • Weighs around 9.8 lbs.
  • Includes 16 analog inputs and outputs
  • Comes with the Hybrid FireWire/USB 2.0 16 x 16 audio interface
  • Designed with a front USB socket to record easily into USB storage devices
  • Offers up to 6 hours of 16-channel audio recorded into a 32GB USB stick
  • Compatible with industry-standard WAV file format
  • Designed with a mono headphone bus to monitor both input and output
  • Indicates present and peak signals on LED meters for every channel
  • Easy to recognize transport and control buttons
  • Offers registered users the latest Windows USB driver download
  • Offers registered users the latest Windows FireWire driver download


  • Allows daisy chaining on multiple units over FireWire
  • Synchronizes units for both playback and recording beyond the 16 tracks
  • Uses DIN connectors to synchronize units on multiple USB devices
  • Compatible with small and large analogue consoles including GL mixers and MixWizard
  • Save on channels by mixing Groups and Aux sends or desk direct outs
  • Play cues during a live gig or perform a virtual sound check
  • Send multichannel audio from your computer/laptop to analogue outputs of the ICE-16
  • Play back tracks directly from the USB drive
  • Detects the USB drive on complete auto
  • Just push a button to start the recording
  • Does not need access from your computer or laptop to begin recording
  • Withdraw and plug in the USB key into your laptop or computer to control WAV files
  • Easily transfer these WAV files to Sonar, Logic and other DAWs


  • Does not allow users to control individual inputs
  • Only three drives tested with this unit
  • USB memory cards do not work well at times


The Allen Heath ICE-16 Channel Multitrack Recorder is the ideal accessory for all kinds of analogue consoles including Allen Heath’s famous MixWizard, ZED, and GL mixers. Use DIN connectors to record your audio inputs on multiple USB devices. With 16 inputs and 16 outputs enabled on complete auto, the 16 x 16 channel interface allows users to connect directly with their computers or laptops, then stream high-quality digital audio in the range of 24 bit with 96 kHz sample rates using its versatile FireWire or high-speed USB 2.0. Whether it’s live or studio recording, the ICE-16 produces high-quality multitrack audio output. Users can mix and match the MixWizard, ZED and other analogue consoles released by Allen & Heath. Compliant with USB 2.0 class, this multitrack recorder uses WDM/ASIO drivers that are compatible with Sonar, Pro Tools, Cubase, logic, and other DAWs. The system checks the USB drive on complete auto. All you have to do is push a button to start the recording. Withdraw the key and plug it into your computer to access and/or transfer the recorded wave files to a DAW of your choice.

In playback mode, perform a virtual sound check or play cues in the middle of a live gig. Play tracks directly from the USB drive or send multichannel audio inputs from your laptop or computer to the ICE-16 Channel Multitrack Recorder analogue outputs. Users can record around 6 hours of music and store the 16-channel audio recording on a 32 GB USB stick. Favored by musicians with home studios, this versatile piece of audio gear is flexible and allows users to correct unbalanced I/O by connecting a cable between a compatible mixer and the ICE-16. The interface allows you to track channels simultaneously at high bit rates. Record live events and performances with the ICE-16 to make sure every note is captured. Easy to set up, this multitrack recorder does not falter when transferring audio files to a USB external hard drive. Then simply import these WAV files into Pro Tools or other compatible DAWs to complete the editing process. If you are a musician who wants to capture clean and crisp 16-channel music recordings, then the Allen Heath ICE-16 Channel Multitrack Recorder is for you. It will save you the trouble of accessing a computer to open your chosen DAW and then search through a menu to begin the process of recording music.

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