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What if you could connect a live band to your Front of House (FOH) console with a single Cat 5e cable? This is possible with the versatile and affordable Behringer S16, loaded with 16 amazing MIDAS-designed, remote controllable mic preamps capable of generating high-quality sound. Featuring its KLARK TEKNIK SuperMAC technology, the S16 gives you access to AES50 network ports with high-end digital audio processing capabilities.

Save your concert files through server-balanced XLR outputs. The S16 gives you access to a personal monitoring system with ULTRANET networking connectivity. Gain access to TURBOSOUND speaker systems with digital audio and control connectivity. Set up your unit quickly with the help of its remotely control preamps.

Use the S16’s monitoring/head amp control section to select one or all of the 16 inputs, any of the eight bus outputs for P-16 output streams to complete line checks on your Behringer S16. Once you have set up signal metering levels at this stage box, adjust the gain for each individual input channel and apply +48 phantom power.

At this stage, you can listen to the input signals with the help of your headphones and make all necessary adjustments to each channel. Routers or mergers are not required at the dual AES50 ports to cascade additional S16, SD16, or SD8 stage boxes.

If you use the complete X32 Series console, you can communicate both ways with the MIDI In/Out and onstage MIDI devices. Update the system from your PC through the USB connector. The system comes with the energy-saving “Planet Earth” switching power supply capable of superior transient responder noise-free audio output at low power consumption levels between 100 to 240 Volts.

Mounted on an all-steel 2U rack-mount chassis, the Behringer 16 is one of the popular offerings by Behringer and is backed by a 3-year warranty program.


  • Has product dimensions of 19” x 8.9” x 3.5”
  • Weighs approximately 10.4 lbs.
  • Produces audiophile sound with 16 MIDAS-designed fully programmable mic preamps
  • Has 8 analog, servo-balanced XLR outputs
  • Features the KLARK TEKNIK’s SuperMAC capability along its AES50 network ports
  • Designed with a personal monitoring system with ULTRANET connectivity
  • Comes with TURBOSOUND speaker systems with digital audio and control connectivity
  • Use remote control over a shielded CAT5e cable
  • Provides an affordable S16 digital snake
  • Produces high-quality audio in studio and live environments
  • Allows connectivity to 32 mic/line inputs with the built-in AES50 ports
  • Feeds up to 48 individual monitor mixers
  • Comes with MIDI I/O for sound module control and lighting systems


  • Delivered as a time-saving unit that can be set up in quick time
  • Allows users to cascade additional S16, SD16, or SD8 stage boxes via AES50 ports
  • Comes with two optical TOSLINK connectors for 16-channel dual ADAT digital output
  • Assign phone outputs to any input or output during on-stage monitoring
  • Gain 2-way communication using the X32 series console and MIDI devices onstage
  • Gain remote control over a distance of 330 feet or 100 meters
  • Update the system using your PC’s USB connector
  • Comes with “Planet Earth” energy-saving switching (100 – 240V) power supply
  • Built on a robust 2U rack-mount chassis
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty program
  • Conceived and designed by Behringer, Germany
  • Use in standalone snake mode or combine with the X-32 core
  • Offers capability to combine with your existing analog mixer compatible with AES50
  • Allows you to lock configuration settings through its built-in system security
  • Can be expanded as per individual needs
  • Allows every performer to control what they hear


  • AES50 has 48 channel 1/0 capability, but the S16 uses just 16 ins and 8 outs
  • Must be combined with the X-32 system to tap 48-channel capability


The Behringer S16 is one of the most versatile multitrack recording systems made with state-of-the-art automation and backed by quality assurance labs in Germany. You have access to a system backed by a generous 3-year warranty program that suggests this brand has the lowest production failure rates as compared to others in the same category. You have access to both input and output controls on complete auto.

Use the Behringer 16 in conjunction with a complete X32 system to gain access to the amazing POWERPLAY P-16 personal monitoring system, 32 mic/line inputs, and 16 balanced outputs. You can do this by cascading two S16 stage boxes via the system’s built-in AES50 ports to feed any of the 48 individual monitor mixers. Connect channels 1-8 and 9-16 to external devices with two optical ADAT sockets.

Use this system’s precise 7-segment displays and precise LED metering to control on-stage signals. Two optical TOSLINK connectors provide you access to dual ADAT outputs leading to the 16-channel digital output. You can use any mixing board to fully exploit the Behringer S16’s powerful features. All you need is a mixing board equipped with AES50 networking capability including an analog mode completed with a few S16s and ADA8200s to create a lightweight 16 x 16 digital snake. You now have the capability to gain full remote preamp control in high-performance standalone snake mode. Your remote control works up to 330 feet or 100 meters in length with the shielded CAT5e cable.

The MIDAS-designed mic preamp has the capability to produce high-quality audio in studio as well as live environments. The ULTRANET port gives you access to the versatile POWERPLAY P-16 system that can be combined with P16-personal mixes to quickly and easily control the listening experience of your audience. Configure the system in minutes and expand it to any level you desire. The S16 can adapt to any recording environment as per your requirements.

To tap 32 channels, combine this system with the X-32 core, so you have access to 32 inputs and 16 outputs. Connect your S16 directly to the X-32 core with a CATS cable using the system’s AES50 protocol.

This way you have total control over all the Behringer S16 inputs and outputs. This is one powerful 16 x 8 digital stage-box solution that is affordable and gives you access to the amazing remote controllable MIDAS-designed mic preamps and a host of other professional-grade features backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty program.

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