CAD Audio GXL2200 Microphone Review

Each microphone is different, and many of them are made for specific purposes. At the same time, others excel at many different things. The CAD Audio GXL2200 is good for a variety of tasks, some of which may be applicable to you. Keep reading for information on this sophisticated product and the best features that it boasts.



  • Sleek silver look
  • Cardioid pattern
  • Has 1 inch diaphragm
  • High quality mic




  • Must purchase power supply




  • Has high sensitivity. This product has high sensitivity, which means it’s able to pick up even the softest of voices. In other words, it won’t have a hard time hearing you. This is normally a good thing, unless you are in a room that is overly noisy.
  • Has low distortion. It also has low distortion. This tells you that there aren’t a lot of parts that move around inside the microphone. Some models that aren’t made well may have parts inside that move around too much or don’t fit together well. When an item has low distortion that means there will not be a lot of extra noise that takes away from what is actually going on. Likewise, there won’t be a bunch of static in the background to worry about.
  • Good for all types of recording. You can use this device for pretty much any type of recording. It is great for picking up voices, which makes it ideal for singing, or something like a podcast. It’s also really good for recording any type of musical instruments that you may have, since it can pick up sounds so clearly.
  • Comes with shock mount. There is a shock mount that is built in, so you won’t have to go out and purchase an additional one. This mount helps make the microphone less likely to shake around a lot when you’re using it, and can also help you get some of the unwanted noises out of your recordings.
  • Has carrying case. You will also get a carrying case when you order this one. It may help it stay safe in transit, but it will also help if you have to move it around yourself, since your item won’t get scratched or damaged. This is something you might not think about beforehand, but is actually pretty important. A scratched mic will still work, but it may hurt you to look at it all the same.
  • Each one is inspected. Each one of these products is checked before it leaves the manufacturer. They are also tested to make sure they perform. A feature like this is so rare and you won’t see it everywhere, so it’s quite impressive. You shouldn’t get one that doesn’t work properly, because of this extra step. It also makes you feel like this company cares about their customers, since they go a bit out of their way to check for duds.


Who Should Use It

Even though this one is great for most purposes, it shines when it comes to recording music and instruments. If you are someone that plays an instrument and wants to record an album or upload videos of your music, this is a gadget that can really help you with that. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play, since it will be able to pick up all the notes and everything you want to come across clearly.

Another great use for it is podcasting or doing radio shows. While this may not be a top of the line mic, it isn’t at the low end of the totem pole either. It is a high quality product that is sometimes seen used in professional settings. There’s no reason why you have to be any different. Whether you are amateur or a pro, this mic can come in really handy for you.

Keep in mind that if you are in the process of setting up your own studio, there are some things you’ll have to buy in order to use this. You’ll need a power supply and an input device, so you can hook it up to a mixer or a computer. At the same time, if you have done your homework, you probably are already in the market for these things anyway. Additionally, you will also need a stand.

If you are simply replacing a different mic, this may be considered an upgrade, depending on what you had before. This one is made well, and since it is a solid silver design, it can look pretty sleek when you have it set up, especially if it matches your current stand.


This company has been making products for decades, so you won’t be making a bad investment if you choose one of their products. The GXL2200 is something that can last a long time and look good doing it. It has a special design inside that has a gold vapor diaphragm. This not only sounds fancy, but it is sophisticated when it comes to capturing sound in a crisp manner. Since it comes with a shock mount and a case to carry everything in, you won’t have any trouble transporting it if you need to and setup isn’t too hard either, as long as you are well versed in how a product of this type should be put into a stand. The best part is that the microphone won’t distort much and has sensitivity that is high enough to pick up voices and sounds of all types. If you have a need for this kind of microphone, you could do much worse than this model. It is used by some of the top people in the radio business, and it can be an asset to your home studio or setup. When you own one, you shouldn’t feel the need to replace this mic right away, since it is versatile and perfect for a handful of tasks. Besides that, it looks so cool doing it.

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