Guerrilla Home Recording Book Review

For a person who is a new devotee towards music, home recording is a new word. Learning how to record your jamming sessions has become a new trend in these days. Digital recording techniques have taken over the music world and having a great sound recording system at your homes is not a big deal […]

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Audio Technica AT2035 Review

There are many types of microphones to look into when you’re trying to find the perfect one to make your recordings sound better. It may be overwhelming to choose one, but the best thing to do is check out the offerings of the most popular brands in the business first, to see what’s available. Here’s […]

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Basic Home Studio Setup

Standalone Multitrack Recorder – The Best Tool for Recording Audio

Building the perfect home studio isn’t that hard to do, especially once you know what you’ll need to purchase and how to set it up. It’s essentially just a matter of getting the correct gear, finding an appropriate space, setting everything up, and getting down to work. Here’s a look at how to do each […]

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