Basic Home Studio Setup

Standalone Multitrack Recorder – The Best Tool for Recording Audio

Building the perfect home studio isn’t that hard to do, especially once you know what you’ll need to purchase and how to set it up. It’s essentially just a matter of getting the correct gear, finding an appropriate space, setting everything up, and getting down to work. Here’s a look at how to do each […]

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CAD Audio GXL2200 Microphone Review

Each microphone is different, and many of them are made for specific purposes. At the same time, others excel at many different things. The is good for a variety of tasks, some of which may be applicable to you. Keep reading for information on this sophisticated product and the best features that it boasts. Pros […]

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Masters of Multitrack: Glyn Johns

Multitrack Recorders: Putting to Use The Divide and Conquer Rule to Sound Systems

There is no such pleasure that could be achieved in comparison to the pleasure that is achieved by reading the biography of a person who has been with the greats of the music his entire life. The book is the biography of Glyn Johns, a producer, who has worked almost 50 years in the studios. […]

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