Guerrilla Home Recording Book Review

For a person who is a new devotee towards music, home recording is a new word. Learning how to record your jamming sessions has become a new trend in these days. Digital recording techniques have taken over the music world and having a great sound recording system at your homes is not a big deal these days.

Guerrilla Home Recording, Second Edition is a complete guide that majorly focuses on the digital recording techniques for the beginners and amateurs. This book was released in 2006 by Hal Leonard publications. The book is written by Karl Coryat and he has made sure that all the features of the digital recording technologies are listed in it.

About the book:

Guerrilla Home Recording, second edition is the revised edition that is devoted to the instrumentations used in recording, virtual consoles, mixing plug-ins and drum controls. The book has been divided into chapters according to the instruments and techniques. The first chapter is about recording instruments. A complete guideline about the recording instruments is given in the chapter. Anyone can earn these and start recording his music at home. The chapter is a good addition for the beginners.

The second chapter is about the humanizing drum patterns that allow a beginner to learn how to play drum. The second chapter consists of the knowledge about the mixing plug-ins and virtual consoles. Since all the recording instruments are digital, so this chapter helps you a lot in order to get an insight about how to mix the plug-in while recording your music and how to operate the virtual consoles. The book has been written in an elaborative and explanatory way. The most important aspect of the book is the digital audio tips portion that comes with the Guerrilla Home Recording. Having an audio explanatory helps to understand the setup better and many queries of the users are answered by listening to these tapes only.

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The last chapter is the analog tape recording. You can learn to tape a record by simply following the instructions given in this portion of the book. The book allows you to learn everything about the Guerrilla Home Recording. You just have to set up a band and start recording your jamming sessions. It is a great fun that you can have at your home. You don’t have to go to a studio for the recording purpose when all you need is available at home.


About the author:

Being an artist, comedian, writer, and composer, Karl Coryat’s major achievement in life along with winning Jeopardy is the writing of Guerrilla Home Recording. He has also worked as a journalist and has taken many interviews from the celebrities of Hollywood. Guerrilla Home Recording is a hallmark of his career since it is the book that is liked by the masses and is critically acclaimed and praised as well. The book gives a deeper insight into the home recording techniques and is a must have of you are new to the music industry

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