Masters of Multitrack: Glyn Johns

Multitrack Recorders: Putting to Use The Divide and Conquer Rule to Sound Systems

There is no such pleasure that could be achieved in comparison to the pleasure that is achieved by reading the biography of a person who has been with the greats of the music his entire life. The book is the biography of Glyn Johns, a producer, who has worked almost 50 years in the studios. He has worked with The Rolling Stones,

The Who, Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Eric Clapton and The Faces. Over the course of years, his incredible career has outshined and got brighter and brighter. He has been a part of many iconic albums and tracks. Glyn Johns has written this book to give the readers an overview OF his experiences with the greats of the music.

About the book:

The book is a kind of a memorabilia that lets you travel through time with Glyn John. The stories that he has shared are incredible and give the readers a wider insight into the lives of the musicians that he has worked with. Being a recording engineer, he has a very strong connection with the musicians. He was the person who has to maintain the recording studios along with all the recording instruments.

The writer who has shared his experiences worked for many years on Rock and Roll. The studio was the site of the creation of many musical hit tracks. Sound Man was released in 2015 and is composed of 336 pages. The reel life of Glyn Johns is an incredible journey that you can take while reading this book. He has worked in collaboration with many bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles etc. And everybody who he has worked with praise him a lot. His prolific career is much more than the praising words.

Johns has laid special emphasis on the recording sessions of every band, describing the recording instruments used by each band, the type of music that each band contributed to the word, the atmosphere of the band while recording and the relationship of the band members with each other. Sound Man is a profound and intimate book that is loaded with the history and stories of the greats of the music and is a must have book for every music lover.

 About the author:

Glyn Johns was the person who stood by the thick and thins of the music industry. He worked with the newbies and rock stars as well. He handled them all well and got the best music out of them. The man himself is a legend. Every day many tracks are played on the radio and yet there are chances that you might listen 2 to 3 of his songs during a single day. The songs that he produced are countless and the memories that he has shared in this book are limitless. He was introduced and included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 in recognition to his services to the music.

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