PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile 22×26 USB 3.0 Review


If you want to record ultra-high definition audio on the move, then the PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile 22×26 USB 3.0audio interface and studio command center is a great choice. Adopting a compact desktop design, this multitrack recorder has flexible connectivity, delivers exceptionally pure sonic fidelity, and provides professional mixing and monitoring controls. Generate an accurate analog signal path with operational efficiency of up to 24-bit, 192 kHz. Use Burr Brown converters with 118 dB dynamic range capability. This efficient multitrack recorder comes with 2 mic/instrument inputs regulated via remote-controlled XMAX mic preamps, 18 digital input/output channels, and two balanced line level inputs.

The PreSonus Studio 192 has low-latency preamp control, control room integration with UC Surface, Studio One, and Studio One Remote. Users can directly download UC Surface Control and Studio One 3 Artist DAW. The first 8 channels have ADAP inputs and low-latency Studio Live Fat Channel processing capability on all its individual analog inputs.

The Studio One plug-in bundle and Studio One Artist are included in the package. Experience a mix of smooth highs, deep lows, incredibly high headroom, and overall rich sound through the recorder’s two recallable XMAX Class A microphone preamps. Control them from within Studio One or use the UC Surface for tracking and remote control with your iPad. You can add 16 more remote-controlled preamps and opt for the DigiMax DP88 as your additional preamp. Take advantage of the PreSonus legendary Fat Channel DSP with processing capability comparable to some of the best StudioLive mixers with Compressor, Limiter, Gate, Variable High-Pass Filter, and 4 Band Parametric EQ capabilities. Tightly integrated with Studio One 3 Artist that is included in the package, the Studio 192 Mobile has monitor mix functions and full preamp controls within your recording setup. Other DAWs can also be used to fully exploit this multitrack recorder’s functionality by activating its UC Surface Remote for iPad, Mac and PC. Users now have access to the Studio Magic plug-in suite that includes a host of effects and virtual instruments with extended Sony functionality integrated into Studio One. Users can try out any number of mixes with heavy-duty, reliable plug-ins included with their PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile 22×26 USB 3.0.


  • Has item dimensions of 12.5” x 7” x 1.75”
  • Weighs just 5 lbs.
  • Includes 22/26 simultaneous I/O
  • Maintains a maximum audio quality of 24-Bit / 192 kHz
  • Comes with two recallable XMAX preamps
  • Includes Burr Brown digital audio converters with 118 dB dynamic range
  • Has two ¼-inch TRS inputs and four outputs
  • Delivered with a 1 x 150 mW/ch headphone
  • Allows users to select talkback inputs
  • Includes the UC Surface with Mono, Main Mute, and Dim Control
  • Has two mic/instrument inputs with remote-controlled XMAX mic preamps
  • Includes 18 channels of digital I/O
  • Comes with two balanced line level inputs
  • Dispatched with Studio One Artist
  • Includes the Studio Magic plug-in bundle


  • Delivers immaculate analog signal path with operational capability up to 24-bit, 192 kHz
  • Includes low latency Studio Live Fat Channel processing capability for all analog inputs
  • Comes with ADAT  on first eight input channels
  • Offers complete control room integration with Studio One Remote and UC Surface
  • Comes with monitor mix integrated into Studio One and UC Surface
  • Delivers exceptional sonic fidelity.
  • Offers high-quality mixing and monitoring controls
  • Comes with flexible connectivity
  • Designed as a desktop or portable recording solution
  • Has enhanced ultra-high-definition recording and mixing capabilities
  • Captures complex musical harmonics with its 118 dB dynamic range
  • Includes the legendary Fat Channel DSP
  • Delivers deep lows, high headroom, and smooth highs with remote controllable preamps


  • Interface may be unstable with extended use on a PC
  • Comes without a driver disk
  • Incompatible with some MIDI instruments and virtual guitar amps


The PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile 22×26 USB 3.0 is a top-of-the-line Studio 192 offering that allows users to record ultra-high definition audio with its top-of-the-range audio interface and studio command center. This is a highly portable, compact desktop multi-track recorder that musicians can use when they are traveling. Users can expect professional mixing and monitoring controls, exceptional sound with pure sonic fidelity, and flexible connectivity. The Studio 192 Mobile can be integrated with Studio One, UC Service, and Studio One Remote. PreSonus is among the top manufacturers of multitrack recorders with its new, top-of-the-line Studio 192 family. You can generate accurate analog signals up to 24-bit, 192 kW without distortion. This system uses Burr Brown converters designed for 118 dB dynamic range. Besides its two balanced line level inputs, the Studio 192 Mobile comes with 18 digital input/output channels, and 2 mic/instrument inputs controlled via remote by XMAX mic preamps. This multitrack recorder’s Studio Live Fat Channel generates low-latency processing capability in all individual analogue inputs with the first 8 channels adopting ADAP inputs. If required, you can add 16 remote-controlled preamps or even opt for the DigiMax DP88. Processing capability is similar to top-of-the-range StudioLive mixers, so you have access to audio equipment that you can track and monitor with your iPad. Full preamp controls and mixing functions are enhanced by Studio One 3 Artist, included with this multitrack recorder.

PreSonus has also included the Studio Magic plug-in suite with sonic functionality. Use its virtual instruments and try out any number of mixes and effects with sturdy plug ins that are part of this suite. If you’re working on a Windows, Mac, or mobile setup, the PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile 22×26 USB 3.0 audio interface and studio command center can be used for several applications in your studio. It comes to you at an affordable price. Capture musical harmonics without error and without any audible distortion. Every detail and transient, including whispers and breath sounds, can be recorded with its two remote-controlled preamps controllable from Studio One and/or UC Surface. Whether you’re an independent music enthusiast, a professional sound or audio engineer, your Studio 192 Mobile will help you create great music on demand. Open this versatile recorder, and you’ll clearly hear details you’d expect from one of the high-end studio multitrack recorders.

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