Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones Review

If you have never owned any Sony headphones, you have likely had your eye on a set at some point. They are industry leaders in electronics as well as music gear, so there’s no reason to think that these professional headphones won’t deliver for many different jobs and last for a long time as well. Here’s a look at the best features of this product, so you can tell if they will fit in with your other studio equipment.



  • Folds up
  • Long coiled cord
  • Detachable cord
  • Strong 40mm drivers
  • Closed ear




  • Ear pads may flake




  • Deliver a true sound. These have what is known as a flat sound. This means the sounds or music isn’t going to be sugar coated when you hear them. You will be hearing exactly what your music sounds like, so you can be aware of what other speakers will hear. This also allows you to become better at editing, since your ear can distinguish any mistakes that were made and address them.
  • Reduces noise. The design of these will reduce noise, so you won’t hear a bunch in the background when you wear them. This can keep you from having a hard time focusing on the project you’re working on, since it can drown out some of the most common distractions.
  • Wide headband. There is a wide headband across the top that is wrapped in faux leather. It is wider than in other types, in order to take some of the pressure off of your head. This allows you to be able to wear them for quite a while without giving you a headache or causing any type of pain.
  • Last a long time. Many people have owned this product for over 20 years and they still work just fine. This is really a testament to how sturdy they are and how much use you can actually get out of them.
  • Have been around for many years. Besides just lasting a long time, they have been around for quite a while too. This model has a reputation for being favored by many in the music industry. A company doesn’t often make the same product for a number of years unless they have a cult type following. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at this particular model.


Who should use this?

Since this product is favored by many people in the professional music industry, it makes sense to purchase them if that’s where you want to be one day. Even if you are recording tracks out of part of your bedroom, you can still use these. They aren’t so fancy that you won’t be able to use them effectively, and they can be used for a long time without wearing out.

If you do use them often, you may notice that the ear pads can flake a little bit. This doesn’t take away from their performance however. You can buy replacement ear pads as well if you feel the need to. This will make your headphones last even longer. Another problem to be aware of is that the ear pads may be uncomfortable for people with ears that don’t fit correctly into them. You can add a bit of cloth into them to help offset this issue if it comes up, or you can figure out how to position them so they aren’t pressed up too hard on any part of your body.

They are wired, but the cord is long and is specially coated to offer you great sound. This is the major reason to purchase them if you are working on your own music, so you can get a true idea of what you sound like and work on your sound.

Alternatively, these are not off limits to those that just want to listen to music. You can easily just use these to listen to your favorite songs, no matter where you want to listen to them. There is an adapter to use on audio equipment, but the standard jack will go into computers or phones.

They come with a bag to carry them in and can fold up so they can stay safe on the go. This enables you to take them wherever you need to go, such as to the library or on the road.

They even have badges to tell you which side goes by each ear, so you can be sure to always have a good fit. Since the headband is designed to displace the weight safely and not hurt you, you may find yourself using these as often as possible. They are easy to use, can be used with many products, and is something you can potentially count on for many years.

Of course, you need to remember if you just want to listen to music which these, there isn’t a lot of bass associated with them. They offer a true sound, so some of the music you have may sound a bit different than what you’re used to.


The Sony MDRV6 headphones have been around for many years. Numerous owners even have some that have been performing well for them for over 20 years. If they last even half that long for you, they will be a great investment. They’re perfect for people that edit music or work in the music industry. They can also be used by anyone that just wants to listen to music and needs heavy duty headphones. There are cool features like a removable cord, a comfortable headband, and a wide dynamic range. They have powerful 40mm drivers and coated plugs for the best sound possible. You can also count on a true sound when you listen to them, since they won’t lie to your ears and make music sound fake or different than it would sound on large monitors. Overall, they won’t wear out easily and they will keep sounding great over time.

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