Standalone Multitrack Recorder – The Best Tool for Recording Audio

Standalone Multitrack Recorder – The Best Tool for Recording Audio

For those wanting to record and mix multiple sound sources on location, in order to make their own compilation, a standalone multitrack recorder is the best tool for the job.

Loaded with power-packed features, these multitrack recorders help you record multiple pieces of audio on separate tracks to create your own masterpiece combination.

Even before computers or other digital workstations existed, many artists took help of multitrack recorders to combine audio, and many still use them today. They are relatively very simple to use compared to computers and are portable, enabling you to use them for mobile recording with ease.

Most of these portable audio recorders are compatible with computers and let you transfer your recorded tracks to your workstation.

Below, is a brief summary of standalone multitrack recorders that will help you shop for the right recording equipment.

Features of Standalone Multitrack Recorders

Record tracks simultaneously

It enables you to concurrently surround record and stereo sound on multiple tracks. Ensure that the audio recording system you pick has sufficient number of tracks according to your requirement.

Capture high-quality audio

Multitrack field recorders enable high-quality recording with precision and attention to minute details.

Monitor with headphones

As opposed to computers, where you get to see and monitor recordings, standalone multitrack recorders let you listen and quickly check levels as you are recording. Monitor single or multiple tracks as well with ease.


Most multitrack recorders are equipped with modern technology and come with wireless Bluetooth compatibility or USB integrated computer compatibility. This makes transfer of audio recordings hassle-free.

Simple to setup and record

You do not have to deal with complex computer software or other digital workstations and can easily capture any type of audio.



All in one recording console that contains all the equipment you need to make a great audio recording. The mixing board, equalizer, tone controls and hard drive is available all under one roof of a self-contained digital multitrack recorder.

Multitrack recording

A multitrack recorder, such as the Tascam DP-006, enables you to simultaneously record two to 16 tracks depending on the type of recorder. It also offers you virtual tracks that will facilitate overdubbing additional tracks.


Seamlessly integrate with computer software and export your work through USB or Bluetooth with ease. Combine the excellence of a digital recorder alongside the audio of your computer software to create your own unique combination.

Physical interface

Your computer may provide you with a graphical interface to record sound; however, many prefer a physical interface of the multitrack recorder that allows you to quickly control audio levels in the most intuitive way.

Built-in controls

All the controls that you require to mix and master your recording are included in the multitrack recorders.

Compact and convenient

You can take your recorder anywhere you want. Record a live band, bring it along to practice and do whatever you desire with it without having to deal with messy wires or a large big laptop.


  • At times, the temptation to overuse effects, processing and built-in controls can result in sterile robotic like music. They can tend to be less organic due to overdubbing of multiple sounds.
  • Live recordings can capture the vitality and energy of a performance as it is. Whereas with multitrack recorders it can be hard to duplicate the live energy of musicians who play or sing together.


Multitrack recorders let you explore your creative side of creating unique work. You can add as many sounds you want and create anything that you imagine, with the help of this equipment.

Even if they don’t really capture the vigor of a live recording and tend to indulge in overdubbing, they are still a great tool for capturing audio. The best multitrack recorders have everything you need for recording, mixing and producing music.


Standalone multitrack recorders provide you with great flexibility to deliver high-quality audio. The convenience and ease of use make these audio recorders the most preferred by all.

Combine multiple tracks and also transfer files to your digital workstations and computers.

So, what are you waiting for? Plugin, mic up and start recording. Let the music play and start capturing audio whenever you want and wherever you want.

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