TASCAM DR-680MKII Digital Multitrack Recorder Review

TASCAM the musical instruments company has introduced yet another instrument- the TASCAM DR-680MKII digital multitrack recorder. This multitrack recorder is an improved version of the 8-track field recorder and has been equipped with still better recording, storage and power capacities.

The TASCAM DR -680 digital multitrack recorder is portable; it can record up to eight tracks or six separate tracks and a stereo mix at a resolution of 96 KHz/24-bits. TASCAM has also updated the card slot in this model, and the card slot can accommodate SDXC cards up to 128GB.

The digital multi recorder is equipped with six input slots with phantom power capabilities for microphones. This feature enables multi-channel and surround recording.

The digital multi recorder is equipped with an S/PDIF stereo digital input and output feature and six separate line outputs for better sound quality. It can record WAV and Broadcast WAV or MP3 formats and also has a 192 K stereo recording feature.

For better sound quality during recordings, the op amps and other components have been upgraded.

To enable a more compact synchronization with video recorders, the digital clock has also been upgraded. This model is also equipped with a dual recording feature that is distortion proof. The dual recording feature enables the recorder to record a copy of audio at a lower level as a safety track.

In order to record for unexpectedly longer durations such as in field recording, the equipment can be run on lithium batteries for the extended durations.

Features of TASCAM DR-680MKII Digital Multitrack Recorder

  • A lightweight digital multi recorder weighing 2.6 pounds
  • A compactly designed equipment with dimensions 6.9x8x2.1 inches
  • Eight track recording feature with 96 KHz/24 –bit recording
  • Input slots with phantom power feature for six microphones
  • S/P DIF input enables recording stereo mix or digital signal
  • Card slot can accommodate SDXC cards up to 128GB.
  • Power source includes power adapter and 8xAA batteries
  • Shoulder strap has been provided for easier portability
  • Safety track recording feature
  • Distortion proof recording

Benefits of TASCAM DR-680MKII Digital Multitrack Recorder

  • Upgraded features based on customer feedback inputs
  • Accurate sound recording from multiple sources
  • Pure distortionless sound
  • Better surround sound quality
  • Suitable for field recordings
  • Digital manipulation feature to attain desired effects
  • Enhanced power and range
  • Enhanced input capturing feature
  • Enhanced output delivery feature
  • Wonderfully quite pre amps
  • Can be powered by battery
  • Easy to carry


  • The headphone output level of individual tracks cannot be adjusted
  • The three stereo outputs use RCA connectors, no XLR outputs


Several other digital multi-track recorders are available, and there are other models of TASCAM digital multi-track recorders having differential features and pricing.

These include TASCAM DP-008EX Digital Porta studio 8-Track Portable Multitrack Recorder, the Tascam DP-006, TASCAM DR-701D -Channel Digital Multi track Recorder.

Similar products on offer by other companies include Zoom F4 Multitrack field recorder, Zoom F8 Multitrack field recorder.

Purchase decision is based on several considerations, and that includes the input slots available and the capabilities of the recorder to catch and emit sounds. Digital mixing features, portability and compactness are also a consideration.

Another very important consideration while purchasing a sound recorder is the warranty support. Warranty should not be assumed. Instead, the warranty manual and papers should be thoroughly read prior to purchasing the product as different products may have differential warranty features


It has been TASCAM’s endeavor to offer product solutions that are based on customer feedback. TASCAM values customer feedback and utilizes input from the feedback to design products that suit customer requirements.

The DR-680MKII digital multitrack recorder is also based on customer feedback. The endeavor in this model was to improve sound capturing and sound emission quality.

Since TASCAM upgrades its equipment based on customer inputs, the competition of TASCAM recorders are more in line with their existing models than with digital recorders of other companies.

Sound recording may be your hobby, or it may be your profession. In matters of profession, people tend to be more serious and precise.

The performance and life of any equipment depends largely on the handling and maintenance of the equipment. The manual books that accompany the product should be read thoroughly before starting its use and in case of any abnormalities the equipment should be immediately stopped, and troubleshooting measures should be applied.

Digital sound recorders should be kept in proper cases so as to prevent any possible damage.

The TASCAM DR-680MKII Digital Multitrack Recorder also made our list of top budget multitrack recorders!

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