VocoPro SDR4000 Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder Review

For a lot of musicians and bands, booking studio hours can be an expensive feat. However, due to advancements in recording technology, artists can now take advantage of the offerings of DAWs or digital music workstations and multitrack recorders.

These are devices that allow users to make and record tracks conveniently. These units will also make all these procedures more affordable.

If you want to build a home recording studio without needing lots of equipment, you should be sure to choose a good multitrack recorder for your songs.

This review will focus on the VocoPro SDR4000 Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder, a unit that has gathered lots of positive response from home recording enthusiasts.


  • Can record 192 kbps audio files straight to USB drive or SD card by means of XLR connectors
  • Can be used with USB drives and SD/SDHC cards for up to 32 gigs
  • Has dual recorder scheme for better standalone recording and playback on every side
  • Has separate record level controls and LEDs for accurate level management
  • Can delete recorded files straight from the recorder
  • Has full-featured playback with single and repeat playback options
  • Has separate RCA and XLR input and output jacks
  • Has backlit buttons for using in low-lit conditions
  • Has thin 1RU chassis
  • Compatible with 110-220V


For beginners, the unit is quite easy to deal with. The SDR4000 from VocoPro caters to experienced users’ needs, but to the comprehension of beginners as well. As a newbie to the world of recording myself, I was apprehensive looking at the various placements of the inputs and outputs, and all those buttons on the multitrack recorder.

However, this unit did not take me too long to fully understand. It was that simple to navigate. One will easily comprehend how the function buttons should be used.

The unit also comes with a good manual, and by good, I mean it has all the important facts that you need. It has a nice selection of microphone inputs and outputs plus spots for your phone cable inputs and outputs.

It has great construction, is very user-friendly and you will learn how to use this product in no time. Even if you still have to spend a bit of time fussing over the function buttons, you can always refer to the manual.

Now, this tip was a must for me, and musicians I know: I suggest that you purchase additional cables for the inputs and outputs and several mic cables to connect your mics straight to the unit.

If you want to do a recording directly from mic to recorder and sidestep the mixer, you can choose to connect the mic cords to the sockets and make use of your mic in that manner.

The unit has an excellent form, structure and quality for its price. It is a most welcome addition to your growing home recording system.

Customers who bought the unit and were satisfied with it said that the item has a nice appearance, simple access buttons, dual screens, excellent SD-card loading mechanisms, an easy-to-navigate menu, LED-VU meters over every input knob plus XLR and RCA inputs and outputs located at the back.

It was also capable of scanning any MP3 or audio file and read them no matter how the audio files were categorized. This means that you do not have to give folders or audio files new names in order for the unit to be capable of reading it.

Users can also supervise a playback, listen or record sessions by linking a headphone set in the front and modify the output volume from the headphone knob.


The unit does not have remaining time on the recording on-screen view and playback. This means that when a user plays a file, they will not know how much time is remaining. This is the same with the recording.


The VocoPro SDR4000 Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder is actually a nice buy. It can be used for home recordings and professional-level recordings too. It has a fair price that even budget-conscious folks will appreciate.

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