Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder Review

In the olden days, recording music was a complicated procedure. It was basically impossible for average people to begin a musical career all on their own.

Music studios and major labels were the only means to record music back then, since they had the equipment on hand. Studio time has always been expensive and still is, however, we now have a solution for that.

We now have multitrack recorders that we can all use at home to write and arrange songs with. Truly, technology is a wonderful thing!

An example of a modern-day recording invention is the Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder. In this article, we are going to discuss how this device works.


  • Allows superb stereo or four-channel recording for up to 96 kHz or 24-bit
  • Has remodeled stereo X/Y microphones capable of managing up to 14- dB SPL
  • Includes ultra-low-noise preamps with dependable locking connectors
  • Has a redesigned FX processor with accurate guitar and bass emulation, limiting, compression, reverb, and delay
  • Can record on SDC/SDHC cards up to 32 gigabytes (sold separately)
  • Can be paired up with the Zoom RC4 wired remote control and the APH-4nPro accessory kit


The H4N Pro is pretty similar to its predecessor, however, both there are some disparities between the two models. The PRO’s body is black in color and has a rubberized texture.

It has a brighter gray backlight and the screen is clearer as well, which are huge pluses for me. The item may be a bit heavier at 14 grams, but it has a more ergonomic design this time.

The side and front panels of the item now have a brand new bezel, which steers the user’s fingers to the volume rockers. The input and output items located on the back, the sides and the top are improved and have an identical appearance.

At the base of the recorder though, the combo sockets, which were not lockable on the older model, can be locked now, which is a nice development.

There was no disparity in terms of the control panel, and since the menus and the options are displayed precisely in the same manner as the older model, the software part is similar as well. If you have used the H4N before, you will not have any problems using this particular unit.

The unit has decent microphones and is a great improvement over the older models. The recordings that were done using said microphones were top notch, all clear and well-defined with an organic sound and feel.

If you use headphones on these, you will notice that it presents a wider and clearer stereo field. The H4N PRO is actually capable of managing sound levels at a higher 140 dB SPL with a noise floor that clocks in at 120 dBu EIN. This PRO version is easily an improvement over previous models.

Another difference between the older version and the newer one is that the PRO does not include items from the H4N package like a DC power supply, an MA2 microphone clip adapter, USB cable and a 2 gig sound card.

However, the lack of these items on the PRO makes the model a more affordable model, plus all of the accessories that fit the H4N will also suit the PRO version.

Customers who were satisfied with their H4N PRO purchase said that the unit was easy to use, has quiet preamps and produced excellent sound quality.


There were a few setbacks that some customers experienced with the model. Some customers complained deleting bigger files took a bit of time and its power up time was a little slow as well.

According to several customers, they were disappointed that the unit cannot make use of effects during live streaming. There were also a few complaints about its battery life; it has bad battery life if not left in stamina mode.


While the Zoom H4N PRO could use a bit more improvements on some parts, if you are after excellent sound quality, you can rely on this unit. It is also more affordable compared to other related multitrack recorders.

It is a versatile piece of recording equipment since you can use it anywhere.

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