Online musical Note Frequency Chart

These tables were creating using A4 = 440Hz Speed of sound = 1130 ft/s (“Middle C” is C4.) Note Frequency (hz) Wavelength (cm) Wavelength (ft) C0 16.35 2100 69.11 C#0/Db0 17.32 1990 65.24 D0 18.35 1870 61.58 D#0/Eb0 19.45 1770 58.1 E0 20.6 1670 54.85 F0 21.83 1580 51.76 F#0/Gb0 23.12 1490 48.88 G0 24.5 … Read more

8 Best Multitrack Recorders For The Money

Nearly everyone in the music industry can benefit from a multitrack recorder. When you begin exploring your options, you will find that some are quite simple, allowing you to record numerous channels that can later be mixed using DAW software.  On the other hand, some recorders are self-contained, having the ability to process the recording … Read more

Best Studio Monitors Under $300

A studio monitor isn’t like other speakers; it’s designed to deliver and produce sound in its most natural form. Studio monitors are also meant to handle high volumes and frequencies, so they’ll prevent any sound distortions. To add, studio monitors are able to deliver clean and transparent sound. The market of studio monitors can come … Read more

Best Mixer for Home Studio

Adding a mixer to your home studio might give you the control you want over every frequency and sound you use. Mixers offer a host of features that you can apply to individual tracks and mixes to create a professional-sounding song. Mixers can be quite the financial investment, though. Many top-notch quality mixers are worth … Read more

How to Make a Microphone Stand

If you’ve been a great bathroom singer for years and have finally pushed yourself to market your singing skills professionally, you will need to get a good microphone. But what if you don’t get a microphone stand with your mic? How will you keep the microphone adjusted to record your voice? Well, you can either … Read more

Snap Studio Voice Booth: Ultimate Portable Vocal Booth Review

If you’re a singer, a podcaster, or a producer looking to achieve studio-quality vocal recordings at any time and any place, chances are you’ve come across the Snap Studio voice booth. This portable recording studio offers you a convenient way to eliminate problematic noise and reverb for professional-grade vocals without breaking the bank. Below is … Read more

How to Make your Voice Deeper

Whether you sing or do voiceovers, being able to make your voice deeper will always sound better. It’s powerful, catchy, and makes you reach a wider range of sounds with your vocal cords. The problem is, not all of us are born with a naturally deep voice. But lucky for you, there are plenty of … Read more

How to Soundproof a Door

Whether you’re recording music and podcasts or you just enjoy the serenity of soundproof rooms, you should always make sure that your door is also soundproof.  After all, the door is usually the largest hole in the room and leaks a lot of sounds from outside. If you want to know how to soundproof a … Read more