Best Multitrack Recorder For iPads

In this day and age, where we want everything to be operated literally straight from the palm of our hands, having a multitrack recorder that can be easily operated by you is the best option.

Technological advancements are what have made life easier and comparatively smoother from before, especially for aspiring musicians. The development of multitrack recorder apps have created smaller, simpler and faster gadgets.

Here’s a list of fantastic apps that can help you record multiple tracks on your iPad for creating or customizing music:


iPad or even iPhone users can use this app as a “do-it-all’. The Garageband app has excellent features like

  • Reverb
  • Panning
  • Echo

Garageband is cheaply priced, easily available and easy to use. From a jamming session with custom created rigs and changeable drum beat pace to a self-composition on simple tapping with slight strumming in the background, everything and anything is possible with the Garageband App.


The Audiobus app is one of the cheapest and most reliable multitrack recorders of all time, especially for iPads. To have many tools at your disposal, without any idea how to run them together or simultaneously is a frustrating idea.

Audiobus links your apps in such a way that will help you overcome such technicalities and problems to give a sound musical background or mix for your next work or creative project. In fact, using this particular app with the Garageband App would actually give you perfect compatibility.

Studiomini XL Recording Studio

This particular app has been used by experienced musicians and bands like Gorillaz. It is a simpler app than the rest of the products in this list and basically only includes loops without any soft instrument options available.

Yet again, for musicians who require less frills and fancies and less technical arrangement, this app is the perfect product.

Clear Tune

Clear Tune is going to help you keep you musical instruments absolutely tuned and won’t ever let you down. Apart from playing your strings faster and louder, the perfect chord can only sound nice when it’s in tune.

The app is better and way above all other tuning apps in the market.

AniMoog Synthesizer

You can play around with the AniMoog Synthesizer for a long time trying to create a new Bob Moog design or something equally fun. AniMoog brings in the fun of a real analog voice in a complete and compact digital package.

The only disadvantage of this product is its hefty price. Yet, users and more often than not, musicians, agree that the app is actually worth the price after all.

It has actually been modeled after a few of the world’s greatest analog as well as monophonic symphonic synthesizers.


This app has proven to be better at multitrack recording than the app Garageband itself, which incidentally tops our list. The features on Amplitude though are perfect and groundbreaking for guitar users.

The app has 11 impressive stomp boxes that come in standard as well as four more versions included in the “iRig HD” section. These stomp boxes will help you to create any sound or noise on your guitar there can be made.

This beats having to get multiple effect pedals, amp models and an adapter any day.

Akai iMPC

The app provides many commendable features at a comparatively lower price. It has touch sensitive pads and is almost identical to MPC samplers.

The best part is that you can easily start creating sounds from your iPad’s built-in microphone.

iDrum Tech Drum Tuner

The iDrum Tech Drum Tuner effectively remedies the lack of a good studio. This app will help you tune the drum set as close to perfection as you can get.

Multitrack DAW

This app has a total of eight tracks with a stereo upgrade up to 24. A built-in reverb function along with AudioBus integration helps you record eight tracks all at once.


The app records audio and MIDI versions. It has impressive recording capacities that help it record 24 audio tracks all at once. Built-in instruments, as well as some of the effects that are built-in, are quite impressive as well.

Meteor Multitrack Recorder

This is the app for your iPad if you require something that records audio as well as MIDI. This app takes up at least 200 MB of your phone space and requires more for running.

These are some of the best multitrack recorders available for iPads and iPhones that are easy to use and very cost effective.