Best Throat Lozenge for Singers

If you are a singer, you know that having a throat in poor condition can hurt performance. Whether it’s a sore throat or a hoarse voice, it really puts you in a difficult spot. 

If you have to practice for a big performance or one happening later today, having a bad throat will change the course from being ready to perform to postponing it. You want to be in top form. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best throat lozenges recommended for singers.

There are different kinds of them on the market – not all of them are created equal. They are made from different ingredients and serve one purpose or another. They can lubricate your throat or be specially formulated to knock out soreness for the long term.

Your voice is your best asset. It’s up to you to ensure that your throat is in good condition when your voice is needed most. If you want to find out which throat lozenge works best, keep reading.

When are Throat Lozenges Useful?

The first question you’re probably asking is, when are throat lozenges useful? Before answering this question, let’s discuss one thing that can be useful – conditioning.

It’s no secret that regular warm-ups and practice are a great way to condition your voice. Think of it like a pro athlete spending time in the gym between practice and games. You want to make sure your voice is conditioned to perform well each and every time.

If you need to take singing lessons, go for it. A voice coach will certainly give you the tools you need to have an excellent singing voice.

Now, to answer the question of when throat lozenges are useful, it depends. If the sound of your voice is the issue, it may not be useful. If your throat tends to be sore, scratchy, or even dry, that’s when lozenges will be needed. You’ll need something that will lubricate your throat while numbing any pain that is present. 

From there, you will need to find a lozenge that will alleviate the issue. Let’s talk about what you have for options.

Types of Throat Lozenges for Singers

The types of throat lozenges will differ due to certain factors. This includes the ingredients and the purpose that it serves. 

Let’s take a look at what they are:

General Comfort and Lubrication

This type of lozenge will be useful for lubricating your throat. At the same time, it can provide excellent comfort from any throat straining. You may have a lengthy singing session (but nothing ridiculously long).

The ingredients may not include those specifically designed for pain relief (albeit severe pain). Yet, it will be enough to get you through the session.

You can’t go wrong with brands such as Hall’s (especially their Breeze and Hall’s Defense with Vitamin C, Echinacea, and Zinc). These will give you excellent relief without any additional irritation.

HALLS Relief Variety Pack Honey Lemon and Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops, 25 Count (Pack of 6) (150 Total Drops)
  • Six packs of 25 drops, 150 total drops, of HALLS Relief Sugar Free Cough Drops Variety Pack with 3 bags of Honey Lemon and 3 bags of Black Cherry (packaging may vary)
  • Bulk cough drops include honey lemon lozenges and cherry cough drops to relieve coughs, soothe sore throats and cool nasal passages
  • Use with allergy medication for added relief
  • Honey lemon cough drops contain 5.8 mg of menthol per drop to relieve symptoms
  • Sugar free cough drops are great for a variety of lifestyles

Temporary Pain Relief

There is pain involved, but nothing too serious. If you are looking for lozenges that will dull the pain for a short period of time, consider something like Ricola’s menthol lozenges. 

Here’s a pro-tip for you – any lozenge with menthol as one of their ingredients is a surefire choice. It doesn’t matter what brand it is. Even better, after ingesting a menthol lozenge, mix water with mint flavor to help improve the clarity of your voice.

Before going any further, don’t mix menthol lozenges with alcohol. It’s not hazardous to your general health, but it can do more harm to your voice than good—something to think about.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider When Buying Throat Lozenges for Singers

If you seem to be stuck on what to choose, we have put together a buyer’s guide to help you make an easier choice. Let’s discuss what you need to consider when shopping around:


The ingredients will play an excellent role in providing you with some kind of relief. As mentioned, menthol is one of the best ingredients if you are looking for relief from pain. 

Another ingredient is eucalyptus, which is also proven to be a good alternative for pain relief. Otherwise, look for ingredients designed to give you general comfort and lubrication whenever you need it most.


What is the purpose of the lozenge you want? Pain relief or general comfort. That’s what your choice will come down to.

At this point, you already know which ones are designed for what depending on the ingredients listed above.

Types of Lozenges/Slow or Fast Acting?

Throat lozenges these days don’t always come in the drop form. They can come in liquid tinctures and even dissolvable pills. 

Some may be quick to consume but may not kick in for a while. Others may give you relief almost instantly. 

If you have to use your voice, fast-acting lozenges might just be the go-to option. However, slow-acting lozenges can be taken before a performance or practice.

It may take trial and error to figure out the timing of when you should use a lozenge.


As always, you can find a good lozenge at almost any price. Find one that fits your budget while providing you with good enough quality and performance. 

Cheap may not be good in quality. Neither is the most expensive sometimes. Choose the best quality and performance you can afford.


We hope this guide helps you find the best throat lozenge for singers. Your throat must be protected at all times (especially your voice).

Without good relief, the show may not go on as you wish. Also, be sure to condition your voice regularly and put in the necessary efforts. Sometimes, voice issues may not require the use of lozenges. 

We hope you have taken the time to choose the best lozenge for your singing voice.