How To Record Yourself Playing Guitar – Helpful Tips

There are several reasons why you would want to learn how to record yourself playing guitar: you might want to build a youtube channel to display your abilities, or you might want to listen to your guitar recording to correct any mistakes in your sound. Whatever the situation, we’re here to offer some tips on … Read more

Studio Monitors Vs Headphones – Which Makes For Better Mixes?

Headphones or Speakers: Which is Better? is a frequently asked question. Well, the truth is that it all depends on what you enjoy, your writing/mixing techniques, and the limits imposed by your studio. Some of the industry’s top producers stick studio monitors vs headphones and some swear by using headphones alone, so we understand why … Read more

How To Play Sad Guitar Chords

How many of you have been moved to tears by a tune, score from a movie, or video game? Has It left you baffled? Please don’t be embarrassed to confess it!  Have you ever wondered what makes chords sound melancholic and emotionally influential? The immediate answer is found in chords. These are among the most … Read more

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Drum Shields

The FOH engineer is always concerned about stage volume when working with a live band. “The drums are excessively loud!” “The drums’ sound is catching up on the voice mics!” You may be concerned about the complaints stated above. However, for better or worse, drummers are frequently forced to make concessions to avoid overtaking a … Read more

What Is a Levitating Speaker? Learn Here

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A Beginner’s Guide To Nashville Notation

The Nashville Notation is a system of documenting music that uses scale degrees to indicate the scale level on which harmony is based. Neil Mathews created it in the 1950s as a streamlined technique to utilize in the studios. Charles Williams discovered and released the Nashville Numeral pattern in a pamphlet in 1988. It is … Read more

How To Remove Drums From A Song Quickly & Easily

There could be various reasons you would need to know how to remove drums from a song. However, for drummers, in particular, it can be a great way to practice. However, how do you take percussion out of a song? In the past, getting a drumless version of a song was quite tricky. The only … Read more

This Is The First Song Ever Recorded In History

Edouard Leon Scott Martinville, a French printer and bookseller who also invented the phonautograph, the world’s first tool for recording sound. On April 9, 1860, Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville created the earliest documented human voice recording, 20-second audio of someone performing the popular French folk song “Au Clair de la Lune.” You can hear the … Read more

Di Box Vs Preamp: Know The Difference

You may not be familiar with the terms DI box and preamp if you are new to the music or recording industry. Don’t worry. We will help you with that. Even though both of these devices are relatively similar, there is a significant difference between them. We’ll start from scratch and help you understand the … Read more

Everything You Must Know About Overdubbing

Overdubbing began in the late 1960s when it became possible to record over a previously recorded track on a cassette. Due to digital advancements, this process was further refined throughout time, resulting in numerous complicated functionalities in audio production software. Simply put, overdubbing is the process of adding parts to a previously recorded recording. Overdubbing … Read more