How To Master A Song: 4 Easy Steps

Much like a coin, mastering has two sides to it, a technical one and a creative one. But since we trust your creative spark, we’re going to focus on the technical side.  If you’re new to mastering, the whole concept might be confusing. What does it mean to master, and how is it different from … Read more

How to Make Your Music Louder

Sometimes, your song only needs to get a bit louder to reach perfection. The sounds are excellent, everything’s in order, but the volume is a bit too quiet for your taste. It’s frustrating, yes, and what’s even more challenging is determining why your song isn’t loud. Most people will think it’s because of the mastering, … Read more

Mixing vs Mastering: Know These Things First

mixing vs mastering

Mixing music is one of the first things musicians need to get the hang of. If you’ve taken up the hobby of mastering music, you’ve probably come across these terms. And mixing vs mastering is a massive debate in the music industry. As a new producer, you might be struggling to tell the difference between … Read more