Free Multitracks For Mixing Practice To Make You A Pro

“Practice makes perfect” – this holds for anything you want to be good at, and mixing is no different. When it comes to mixing, learning by doing is the way to go. This hands-on approach adds to your experience and trains you for good sound too. However, you will need multitracks for mixing practice, especially … Read more

How To Improve Your Bass EQ

The bass guitar and the kick drum dominate the low-frequency range. The bass guitar works as a bridge between the kick drum and varying instruments.; therefore, it is of utmost importance to build a solid foundation for any song.  Every bass sounds different based on numerous factors – like wood type and playing technique. Therefore, … Read more

Pro Tools Vs Logic X: Which Is Best?

Avid’s Pro Tools and Apple’s Logic Pro X are two of the most popular digital audio workstations today. The former has been the industry gold standard for 30 years.  However, Apple’s software is also very influential and is arguably easier to use.  But which DAW is the better option?  There isn’t an easy answer to … Read more

Best Studio Monitors Under $300

A studio monitor isn’t like other speakers; it’s designed to deliver and produce sound in its most natural form. Studio monitors are also meant to handle high volumes and frequencies, so they’ll prevent any sound distortions. To add, studio monitors are able to deliver clean and transparent sound. The market of studio monitors can come … Read more

How to Make Your Music Louder

Sometimes, your song only needs to get a bit louder to reach perfection. The sounds are excellent, everything’s in order, but the volume is a bit too quiet for your taste. It’s frustrating, yes, and what’s even more challenging is determining why your song isn’t loud. Most people will think it’s because of the mastering, … Read more

A Quick Primer On Punk Recording Techniques

The fast tempo, distorted and captivating riffs, dominant power chords, and shouted vocals are some of the most common traits of punk music. To be a punk lover means that rules don’t restrain you, and you can get creative without abiding by constraints.  But what about recording punk music? Are there some punk recording techniques … Read more

A Quick And Easy Guide To Green Day Amp Settings

Are you a guitarist and a Billie Joe Armstrong fanatic? Have you ever wondered how to sound like Green Day? Billy, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the punk rock band Green Day, is credited with the punk revival in the early 1990s.  Billie’s rig primarily contains Marshall amps and Gibson guitars, … Read more

What Is Sidechaining: You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is To Use!

Want to know what sidechaining is but can’t seem to find the answer you’re looking for? Then you have clicked on the right page!  And before you ask, no, sidechaining is not a gardening tool. Let’s read on… What is sidechaining? Sidechaining is the act of making one sound ‘duck’ when an ‘event’ triggers. Or … Read more