Gate Vs Limiter: How To Know The Difference

Do you know the difference between a gate and a limiter? If not, we’ll explain what they are shortly. There is plenty of equipment that gets used with music production. You may not be a sound engineer by trade. By the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll know why gates and limiters are useful. One … Read more

How to Record Electric Guitar

Thinking of finally recording that sick guitar line you came up with last weekend? You may be surprised to learn how challenging it can be to create a great quality recording of your guitar.  Fear not, this guide will show you how to create semi-professional sounding recordings from the comfort of your home. We will … Read more

How Does A Patch Bay Work?

A patch bay allows you to modify the signal flow between devices in your studio without getting behind all of your gear and unplugging and replugging wires.  Patch bays not only save that trouble, but they also reduce wear and tear on your equipment’s jacks. There are two types of patch bays: audio patch bays … Read more

How To Organize Your Session In Pro Tools

Whether you are an engineer, client, or producer, knowing how to organize your session can not make you look professional, it can also save everybody time and money. I know it’s not the most exciting of jobs, but it is an essential one. An unorganized session (significantly larger ones with 100+ tracks) with no track … Read more

How to Soundproof a Door

Whether you’re recording music and podcasts or you just enjoy the serenity of soundproof rooms, you should always make sure that your door is also soundproof.  After all, the door is usually the largest hole in the room and leaks a lot of sounds from outside. If you want to know how to soundproof a … Read more

How To Emulate 50s Recording Techniques

As musicians or music addicts, it’s hard not to fall in love with the unique sound of the ‘50s. Thanks to the introduction of electric guitars, electric bass guitars, and other instruments, the ‘50s have defined music in their own way. Thus, it’s natural to be curious about how artists like Elvis Presley or Chuck … Read more

A Quick Primer On Punk Recording Techniques

The fast tempo, distorted and captivating riffs, dominant power chords, and shouted vocals are some of the most common traits of punk music. To be a punk lover means that rules don’t restrain you, and you can get creative without abiding by constraints.  But what about recording punk music? Are there some punk recording techniques … Read more