The Best Parametric EQ Pedals 2023

If you want to know more about what a parametric EQ pedal is, you’re in the right place; this is something that many people use when playing their favorite guitar and want to make it sound more awesome. Parametric EQs are different from graphic EQs. You get better control and versatility when it comes to … Read more

Best Budget Audio Interface

Are you looking for the best affordable audio interfaces? We’ve picked together some of the best manufactured audio interfaces for you. Audio interfaces are the lifeblood of most recording studios. An audio interface is probably one of the first purchases for artists, DJs, and beatmakers just starting recording and production. The problem here is to … Read more

Best Mixer for Home Studio

Adding a mixer to your home studio might give you the control you want over every frequency and sound you use. Mixers offer a host of features that you can apply to individual tracks and mixes to create a professional-sounding song. Mixers can be quite the financial investment, though. Many top-notch quality mixers are worth … Read more

Multitrack Recorder vs Audio Interface: Do You Need Both?

multitrack recorder vs audio interface

When learning how to record, you will hear a lot about both multitrack recorders and audio interfaces. Just what is the difference between the two? Does a multitrack recorder include an audio interface? Knowing the differences of a multitrack recorder vs audio interface is a fundamental piece of knowledge that will help you understand your … Read more

PreSonus AudioBox iOne: A Quick Look

Especially designed for songwriters and guitarists on the move, the PreSonus AudioBox iOne 2×2 USB/iPad Recording System allows you to record voices and instrument compositions on a Windows PC, Mac, or iPad. This is a plug-and-play recorder capable of creating highly professional recordings with the help of its easy-to-use recording software. Connections Opt for the … Read more