Best Microphones for Guitar Amps

Positioning a high quality mic with your guitar amp allows you to capture a wide range of frequencies and all of your guitar’s overtones. In addition to this, micing amplifiers also grants you greater control over the tone of the instrument which is played.  Purchasing a new microphone for your guitar amp could be an … Read more

Sennheiser E609 vs E906: A Quick Comparison

Sennheiser is a brand specializing in quality audio devices such as headphones and microphones. Their high-quality microphones are used by professional artists and musicians to record vocals or guitars.  There are various impressive microphone models of Sennheiser available in the market today. However, the Sennheiser E906 and E609 are both popular choices among users. Since … Read more

How to Remove Flutter Echo in A Room

You may have heard a striking ringing sound if you’ve been inside a huge public room or spacious apartment with blank walls and hard floors. Yes, you’re right! That’s a flutter echo! What is Flutter Echo? Flutter echo can be defined as the confined energy between the two parallel surfaces and the angle at which … Read more

How To Spot A Fake SM57: A Simple Guide To Discovering Counterfeit Shure Mics

Shure SM57 mics have been dominating the market for decades. They are affordable, insanely durable, and provide good sound quality. No wonder that manufacturers have set it as their goal to produce and sell a huge amount of their knockoffs. Many music enthusiasts have fallen victim to the excessive amount of fake SM57. Because of … Read more

The Glyn Johns Method: A Complete Guide

What picture does your mind paint when you read the words ‘professional drums recording’? Most people visualize a studio where a dozen high-tech microphones surround a drum set and adopt complicated techniques for recording. But what if I told you there’s no need for such fuss when drum “mic-recording”? Today, I’ll be sharing a simple … Read more

Sounding Off on the Best Microphone for Vocals

Guitarists have their Les Paul’s, and pianists have their Steinways; no matter what instrument you play, musicians all have their favorites. Vocalists are no different. Not all microphones are made for the same purposes and uses, and there are a variety of microphones available solely for recording. But how can you know which is the … Read more

The Best Recording Microphone 2021

Whether you’re a music producer, broadcaster, or streamer, you’ll reach this point in your journey where your laptop’s built-in mic won’t cut it. You’ll need to upgrade to a professional recording microphone.   The perfect microphone is hard to find. You need to balance sound quality, fine sonic details, and noise cancellation. All of that at … Read more

Best Microphones Under 100 Dollars

When it comes to finding the right microphone for your needs, you don’t have to pay a lot to get a great item. There are many types that are quite affordable and will be able to do everything you need them to. Many are actually capable of performing more than one job. Here’s a look … Read more