Best 49 Key MIDI Controllers 2023

MIDI controllers are the perfect tool to dive into music production or to up your synth game. They are available in varying sizes, from close-packed 25-key to the far more elaborate 61-key or 88-key controllers. However, one controller size provides the versatility of more significant controller variants with the compactness of the smaller ones: the … Read more

Best Open Back Headphones Under $200

Whether for work or pleasure, regular headphones users cite ear fatigue as one of their primary concerns – luckily, open-back headphones allow you to enjoy music without it. Moreover, the high-quality audio of open-back headphones does not always require exuberant spending. You can buy durable, solid performing open-back headphones for under $200 – and in … Read more

Tascam DP-32SD

The Portastudio style has been adapted and abandoned by various manufacturers thus far. However, TASCAM has maintained the studio style and incorporated the most advanced technology to get the most out of it. This is evident by many of their models as they have shown some really impressive results.   Their latest addition, the TASCAM DP-32SD … Read more

5 Best Finger Drum Pads 2023

You don’t need to own a drum set to create hard-hitting and catchy drum beats in the 21st century. In-fact, most household name producers create their drum tracks using MIDI or finger drum pads. MIDI drum pad controllers have become quite popular with music composers and producers in recent years.. This technology has been steadily … Read more

How To Organize Your Session In Pro Tools

Whether you are an engineer, client, or producer, knowing how to organize your session can not make you look professional, it can also save everybody time and money. I know it’s not the most exciting of jobs, but it is an essential one. An unorganized session (significantly larger ones with 100+ tracks) with no track … Read more

How to Remove Flutter Echo in A Room

You may have heard a striking ringing sound if you’ve been inside a huge public room or spacious apartment with blank walls and hard floors. Yes, you’re right! That’s a flutter echo! What is Flutter Echo? Flutter echo can be defined as the confined energy between the two parallel surfaces and the angle at which … Read more

Finger Drumming Exercises And Tips For Beginners

Admit it. Electronic music is way more convenient and easier to produce than traditional music. Just like electric guitars gained popularity, finger drumming is another trend that is emerging in the music industry. It’s considered a must-have skill for beatmakers that will leave your audience impressed once you get the hang of it.  You practically … Read more

Soundcraft Multitrack Recorder: A Quick Look

While the market for analogue mixers isn’t exactly scarce, there are far more better digital options around today. As supply dips below demand, it’s no wonder you have to pay a pretty penny for analogue options today.  However, the Soundcraft Multitrack Recorder (Signature 22) is some of the best value for money in mixers out … Read more

Tascam DP-03SD: A Quick Look

Tascam is a prominent name in the pro audio recording world. The brand is known for their high quality audio interfaces, handheld recorders, and portable recording consoles. Today we will be  looking at one of the brand’s more affordable offerings in the portable recording consoles category. The Tascam DP-03SD is a budget-friendly digital recorder, and … Read more

Zoom LiveTrack L-12 Review

Zoom is an affordable brand offering quality musical equipment, which makes their products great value for money. Their field recorders, multi-effect pedals, reverb units, and hand-held recorders are pretty popular among musicians. The Zoom LiveTrack L-12 is one of their best digital mixer recorders that give serious competition to other names in the market.  When … Read more