Best Studio Monitor Stands 2023

If you plan to set up a studio for recording, you’re in the right place. It’s true that you need all kinds of equipment. Studio monitor stands happen to be one of them. We would like you to find the best studio monitor stand based on quality, performance, and whether it fits your budget. To … Read more

The Best Studio Monitors 2021

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As a music producer, it’s critical that you have the best studio monitors so that you can make the job of production easier and produce better music. Here are some of the things that monitors will do for you:  Provide the transparency you need to hear sound coming from the DAW  Relieve the need to … Read more

Do I Need Studio Monitors for Home Recording?

In the past, studio monitors were the real deal. Everyone used them for recording, mixing, and similar uses. HiFi speakers and wireless earbuds weren’t born yet, and the headphones available weren’t good enough for something as sensitive as recording. Now, with many variants on the market, you may wonder if studio monitors are worth it … Read more