A Beginner’s Guide To Finger Drumming

Finger drumming looks exciting, has a way of captivating a crowd, and is a great skill that fosters hand and muscle coordination. It is a vital aspect that goes into hip hop music, making it quite a recent addition to the realm of music production. It was first introduced in the 1980s and since then … Read more

5 Best 88 Key MIDI Keyboards 2023

Many people start with 25, 49, or 61-key keyboards, but within a short period of time, they find that there’s no replacing 88-key models. After all, 88-key keyboards provide a fully immersive experience of classical pianos combined with modern tech. However, if you go with the wrong product, you can end up with low quality … Read more

Best 49 Key MIDI Controllers 2023

MIDI controllers are the perfect tool to dive into music production or to up your synth game. They are available in varying sizes, from close-packed 25-key to the far more elaborate 61-key or 88-key controllers. However, one controller size provides the versatility of more significant controller variants with the compactness of the smaller ones: the … Read more

5 Best Finger Drum Pads 2023

You don’t need to own a drum set to create hard-hitting and catchy drum beats in the 21st century. In-fact, most household name producers create their drum tracks using MIDI or finger drum pads. MIDI drum pad controllers have become quite popular with music composers and producers in recent years.. This technology has been steadily … Read more

Finger Drumming Exercises And Tips For Beginners

Admit it. Electronic music is way more convenient and easier to produce than traditional music. Just like electric guitars gained popularity, finger drumming is another trend that is emerging in the music industry. It’s considered a must-have skill for beatmakers that will leave your audience impressed once you get the hang of it.  You practically … Read more