Patchbay Wiring Diagram: Route The Right Way

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The Basics Of Drop D Tuning

As an audiophile and a guitar player, it’s nice to play around with your guitar in terms of tuning it up. Drop D tuning is one of the popular choices for those that want to tune their guitar and play all kinds of rock and metal music. We will be providing you tips that you … Read more

What Do The Pedals On A Piano Do?

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How To Record Yourself Playing Guitar – Helpful Tips

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Studio Monitors Vs Headphones – Which Makes For Better Mixes?

Headphones or Speakers: Which is Better? is a frequently asked question. Well, the truth is that it all depends on what you enjoy, your writing/mixing techniques, and the limits imposed by your studio. Some of the industry’s top producers stick studio monitors vs headphones and some swear by using headphones alone, so we understand why … Read more

How To Play Sad Guitar Chords

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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Drum Shields

drum shields

In this article, we will talk about Drum Shields- what they are, the different kinds of drum shields, purposes, and pros and cons. Continue reading. What Are Drum Shields? When performing live as part of a band, a drum shield is a kind of screen placed around the drum kit to help limit the loudness … Read more