Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own DIY Studio Desk

Music producers can’t go without a studio desk. It holds all the necessary equipment for music production in one easy-to-access space. Without it, mixing, recording, and mastering takes a lot more effort than required.  Here’s the thing, though: studio desks are either too expensive or don’t perfectly match your requirements. So, why not build one … Read more

Here’s How You Can Build a DIY Spring Reverb Quickly And Easily

Even though there are tons of software-based reverbs available out there, there’s nothing that can come close to the distinct tone of a physical spring reverb; this is a must-have, especially for those who use an electric guitar to compose blues, rock, reggae, etc.  If we told you that you could produce an otherworldly metallic … Read more

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DIY Studio Rack: An Easy Project For Tight Budgets

Did you spend all your money on studio equipment, and you don’t have any left for a rack? Rest assured, I have just the right solution for you. You can easily build a DIY studio rack and keep your money in your pocket. You’ll only need some materials that are likely already at your house. … Read more

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How to Make a Microphone Stand

If you’ve been a great bathroom singer for years and have finally pushed yourself to market your singing skills professionally, you will need to get a good microphone. But what if you don’t get a microphone stand with your mic? How will you keep the microphone adjusted to record your voice? Well, you can either … Read more

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