The Basics Of Drop D Tuning

As an audiophile and a guitar player, it’s nice to play around with your guitar in terms of tuning it up. Drop D tuning is one of the popular choices for those that want to tune their guitar and play all kinds of rock and metal music. We will be providing you tips that you … Read more

How To Record Yourself Playing Guitar – Helpful Tips

There are several reasons why you would want to learn how to record yourself playing guitar: you might want to build a youtube channel to display your abilities, or you might want to listen to your guitar recording to correct any mistakes in your sound. Whatever the situation, we’re here to offer some tips on … Read more

How To Play Sad Guitar Chords

How many of you have been moved to tears by a tune, score from a movie, or video game? Has It left you baffled? Please don’t be embarrassed to confess it!  Have you ever wondered what makes chords sound melancholic and emotionally influential? The immediate answer is found in chords. These are among the most … Read more

A Guitar Amp Isolation Box: Everything You Need to Know

Consistent practice is the best way to improve at the guitar. But here’s the thing: guitars—electric guitars, especially—are loud.  If you live in an apartment with super thin walls, cranking up the volume might result in less-than-pleased neighbors. You certainly don’t want them knocking at your door and complaining about the “noise” in the middle … Read more

Best Microphones for Guitar Amps

Positioning a high quality mic with your guitar amp allows you to capture a wide range of frequencies and all of your guitar’s overtones. In addition to this, micing amplifiers also grants you greater control over the tone of the instrument which is played.  Purchasing a new microphone for your guitar amp could be an … Read more

How to Record Electric Guitar

Thinking of finally recording that sick guitar line you came up with last weekend? You may be surprised to learn how challenging it can be to create a great quality recording of your guitar.  Fear not, this guide will show you how to create semi-professional sounding recordings from the comfort of your home. We will … Read more

How Much Does an Electric Guitar Weigh?

Like most instruments, electric guitars can significantly vary in weight. Some weigh less than 3 pounds, while others weigh more than 10.  Although most prefer lightweight guitars, professionals often recommend heavier variations. Due to how they’re constructed, heavier guitars produce warmer sounds than lighter guitars. In comparison, lightweight guitars produce brighter and more “open” sounds.   … Read more

How to Make Electric Guitar Sound Acoustic

Would you like your electric guitar to sound like an acoustic guitar? Well, you are in luck, because there are definitely a few ways through which you can make electric guitar sound acoustic. Although we don’t promise you 100% results, we can definitely promise that you will feel a huge difference.  So let’s see how … Read more

How To Record Acoustic Guitar

Recording an acoustic guitar alone can be a daunting task at first. When you’re used to recording in a studio or with professionals, matters are much more manageable. Start recording alone, and you’ll find that there are a whole lot of considerations to keep in mind. If you want to learn how to record acoustic … Read more