Panning Vocal Harmonies: Essential Things To Know

In the music industry, panning is when you distribute an audio signal into a multi-channel or stereo sound field. Most DAWs (digital audio workstations) nowadays feature a Pan knob that you can manipulate to send the sound hard right, right, center, left, hard left, or anywhere in between. Panning vocal harmonies can create space and … Read more

Free Multitracks For Mixing Practice To Make You A Pro

“Practice makes perfect” – this holds for anything you want to be good at, and mixing is no different. When it comes to mixing, learning by doing is the way to go. This hands-on approach adds to your experience and trains you for good sound too. However, you will need multitracks for mixing practice, especially … Read more

Pro Tools Vs Logic X: Which Is Best?

Avid’s Pro Tools and Apple’s Logic Pro X are two of the most popular digital audio workstations today. The former has been the industry gold standard for 30 years.  However, Apple’s software is also very influential and is arguably easier to use.  But which DAW is the better option?  There isn’t an easy answer to … Read more

Best Mixing and Mastering Courses

Around 12,000 new songs are uploaded to music streaming services every 24 hours. To stand out in such a competitive industry, you simply have to be the best. Learning how to mix and master songs is an essential tool to create music that can grab attention and sound the best on all speakers, devices, and … Read more

How to Make Your Music Louder

Sometimes, your song only needs to get a bit louder to reach perfection. The sounds are excellent, everything’s in order, but the volume is a bit too quiet for your taste. It’s frustrating, yes, and what’s even more challenging is determining why your song isn’t loud. Most people will think it’s because of the mastering, … Read more

How to Mix Music

how to mix music

As any seasoned musician knows, recording a great track is only half the battle. Mixing the track well is equally as important, and someone needs to do it! Knowing how to mix music will certainly set an audio engineer apart from the pack. If that someone is you, then this article is the right one … Read more