Best Throat Lozenge for Singers

If you are a singer, you know that having a throat in poor condition can hurt performance. Whether it’s a sore throat or a hoarse voice, it really puts you in a difficult spot.  If you have to practice for a big performance or one happening later today, having a bad throat will change the … Read more

Panning Vocal Harmonies: Essential Things To Know

In the music industry, panning is when you distribute an audio signal into a multi-channel or stereo sound field. Most DAWs (digital audio workstations) nowadays feature a Pan knob that you can manipulate to send the sound hard right, right, center, left, hard left, or anywhere in between. Panning vocal harmonies can create space and … Read more

How To Get Black Keys Vocal Sound

If you’re a fan of The Black Keys, you’re probably as intrigued as we are with Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney’s records.  With their distinctive vocals and guitar tones, The Black Keys started humbly in 2001 in Akron, Ohio, and proceeded to be one of the most famous rock bands worldwide today. Many music enthusiasts … Read more

Head Voice Vs Chest Voice – Explained

Do you aspire to be a famous singer in the world’s most prestigious shows and movies or simply have fun belting out a song in your car while the radio is playing? The majority of individuals enjoy belting out a song from time to time throughout their lives. If your goal is the former, you … Read more

How To Mix Vocals

Everybody wants their vocals to sound as good as possible. It’s the most important part of any sound production because listeners will focus on the voice.  If you can’t mix vocals correctly, the end product will sound amateurish. There’s even a risk that it will turn people off your music. Nobody wants this because your … Read more

Snap Studio Voice Booth: Ultimate Portable Vocal Booth Review

If you’re a singer, a podcaster, or a producer looking to achieve studio-quality vocal recordings at any time and any place, chances are you’ve come across the Snap Studio voice booth. This portable recording studio offers you a convenient way to eliminate problematic noise and reverb for professional-grade vocals without breaking the bank. Below is … Read more

How to Make your Voice Deeper

Whether you sing or do voiceovers, being able to make your voice deeper will always sound better. It’s powerful, catchy, and makes you reach a wider range of sounds with your vocal cords. The problem is, not all of us are born with a naturally deep voice. But lucky for you, there are plenty of … Read more

How to Harmonize with Yourself?

If you’re looking for a quick guide on how to harmonize with yourself and sing like a pro, this is where you can find out all you need to know.  Learning to harmonize starts with training your ears to hear the implied harmony in a melody. If you can sing, you can surely learn to … Read more