Sennheiser E609 vs E906: A Quick Comparison

Sennheiser is a brand specializing in quality audio devices such as headphones and microphones. Their high-quality microphones are used by professional artists and musicians to record vocals or guitars. 

There are various impressive microphone models of Sennheiser available in the market today. However, the Sennheiser E906 and E609 are both popular choices among users. Since we find many potential buyers asking the difference between Sennheiser e609 and e906, we decided to create a detailed e609 vs e906 comparison.

Sennheiser E609 Microphone

The Sennheiser E609 is a microphone designed especially for guitar amps. It is a great option for recording guitar sounds. The best part about this model is its extended frequency response that is highly appreciated by music lovers. It is a defining factor that makes it a loved model among Sennheiser microphones.


  • Super cardioid Polar Pattern 
  • Dynamic Transducer
  • Internal Shock Mounting
  • Hum Compensating Coil
  • Ideal for Instrument Capture 
  • Great for rejective off-axis ambiance

One of my most favorite features of the Sennheiser E609 is that it is a super-cardioid microphone for guitars and other instruments. Its rugged feel will make you feel empowered and genuine while recording with it. You can easily record high sound pressure levels with this mic. You won’t find any distortion in sounds when recording with E609. For perfect recording, we recommend putting it very near to the source as it is a guitar amp microphone.

The reason why this is an ideal mic for recording acoustic guitar and other instrumentals with amps is that it comes with an incredibly powerful neodymium ferrous magnet that will hang over the amp as it rests on the grille of the mic.

The E609 offers a frequency response at 40Hz to 15kHz and comes enabled with a high-frequency boost, allowing it to handle high frequencies without any distortion. Its high SPL handling is perfect when you want to capture dimed amps. 

If you are looking for a microphone for acoustic instruments, the Sennheiser E609 is a great choice, as compared to E906 (more on that later).

Sennheiser Professional e 609 Silver Super-Cardioid Instrument Microphone,Wired, Wireless
  • Supercardioid pickup pattern: Provides insulation from other on-stage signals
  • Laterally-mounted capsule: Specially developed for miking guitar amps face-on and extermely close to the signal source
  • Hum compensating coil: Reduces electrical interference
  • Lightweight voice coil construction and rigid dome: Provide an extended high-frequency performance
  • Metal construction: Rugged and reliable

Sennheiser E906 Microphone

The Sennheiser E906 is a super-cardioid dynamic microphone that is slightly an affordable option. This microphone comes with multiple preloaded features and sturdy body construction that might feel too heavy to some users. However, it has a sleek look.


  • It has a flat shape that makes it great for guitar amps
  • Hum compensating coil
  • Rugged metal body
  • Incredibly fast attack
  • Lively and full sound
  • 3 adjustable sound characteristics 

The Sennheiser E906 comes with a frequency range of 40Hz to 18kHz and has a super-cardioid polar pattern which makes it ideal for capturing and recording sharp sounds from even small movements. It has a unique design with a durable and easy to hold build. It comes with a switch to allow more features on hand.

Its built-in hum compensation coil helps mute out vibration and other minor sounds to clearly listen to the recording. It is comparatively easy to use, thanks to its handling of the sound pressure level. However, the best feature about this microphone has to be its three-position switch that allows you to cut, boost, or neutralize the microphone’s effect.

As a result, you can enjoy a very lively audio recording that is fully energetic. You can easily adjust the tone using its three-position EQ control. In addition to being a great mic for guitar and acoustic instruments recording, it is also a great mic for recording podcasts and voiceovers. 

Sennheiser Pro Audio E906 Microphone, black
  • Flat shape perfect for guitar amps
  • Extra-resistant reinforced metal body
  • Three position switchable sound character: bright, moderate, dark
  • Lively, full sound
  • 10 year warranty

Sennheiser E609 vs. E906 Microphone

After using and going through all the features of these microphones, we got to see the differences. According to what we observed, the E906 offers a high-end boost, which is not to be found in the E609. E906 also supports flat settings and has built-in three-position EQ control as well as three-point settings to make editing easier in high gains. 

On the other hand, the E609 offers a boost that enhances the guitar tones and also cuts through the mixes. That said, the E906 works really well with guitar tone without the need for any additional accessories. It performs really well when it comes to studio recordings, whereas the E609 is good for live shows and recordings as it can handle loud sources. 

E906 has a wider range that gives it an advantage over E609 due to the render instruments as well as recordings. Its onboard filter makes it EQ less. The two mics also vary in frequency responses. E906 handles 40Hz to 18kHz, whereas e609 handles 40Hz to 15kHz. 

Moreover, the E609 comes in two models: silver and black. While the black model sounds warm and rich, the silver was found to be harsher. So you will have to use another mic to complete the sound. On the other hand, the E906 is a great choice on its own. With that being said, the sound signature of both mics is actually quite similar. But the E906 is definitely richer. In my opinion, the E906 will need less tweaking and EQ as compared to E609. Both the models perform really well with guitars, vocals, and other acoustic instrumentals.

The Sennheiser E609 is half the price of E906. So if you have a low budget and only want quality guitar recording, you can go with E609. However, the ideal choice should be E906 for podcasting, voiceovers, and guitar recordings. 


This overview of the two microphones pretty much sums up all of their features. So if you were looking for an E609 vs. E906 comparison, this article should have addressed all your concerns. In terms of features, E906 definitely tops the charts, but at the end of the day, it depends on your usage. My personal recommendation would be to buy the E609 if you want to record live guitars and other acoustic instrumentals. However, if you want to record podcasts and voiceovers, E906 should be your go-to microphone.