Korg D888: A Quick Look

Designed to look like a high-performance 8-track analog mixer, The Korg D888 Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder is a state-of-the-art digital multitrack recorder with individual controls for every EQ band, effect send, and channel pan. It looks like the traditional analog mixer with white knobs on a grey chassis. The Korg D888 allows 8-track simultaneous recording and playback.

Backed by a 40 GB internal hard drive, the D888 has product dimensions of 19.8” x 16.1” x 6.5” and weighs approximately 11.3 lbs. This 8-track hard disk multitrack recorder has eight TRS and XLR balanced inputs powered by 48V phantom power.

It is configured with an internal 40-bit signal path rating, so you can process and makes music easily with this system. Work on each track isolated through seven additional virtual slots to accommodate retakes and alternate takes. In effect, you are able to record 64 tracks along with a stereo master track. 

Korg D888 Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder
  • 8-channel I/O digital mixer with hard disk recorder
  • 8-track simultaneous record and playback
  • 8 XLR and TRS balanced inputs
  • High-performance mic preamps
  • 48V phantom power on XLR inputs

Korg has made provisions to switch over to 8 individual outputs by fitting this standalone mixer with ¼” outputs designed to provide individual outs, Master Out (L&R), and Master Out (L&R) through 5 to 8 channels. The final mix can be saved as a stereo WAV format file, then transported to your computer with the help of its USB 2.0 drive.

To create special effects, you can use this system’s 11 built-in echo and reverb effects. The Korg D888 also provides simplified recording tools like nondestructive editing, undo and redo functions, punch in/out, and four song locate points. The channel EQ is designed with three bands ranging from 2.5 KHz to 10 kHz with +/-15 dB gain.

You have access to simple editing features on the board including copy, erase, delete, and swap. Follow the channels on your left. Controls are to your right. Use the gain-trim knob to control inputted signals through the XLR mics. Peak signals are indicated by LED displays before passing on to the A-D converter.

The EQ does not interfere with the output, so you have the exact reproduction of the audio on your hard drive after passing through the D-A conversion stage of the Korg D888 Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder.


  • Comes with product dimensions of 19.8” x 16.1” x 6.5” 
  • Weighs approximately 11.3 lbs.
  • Designed as an 8-channel I/O hard disk recorder and digital mixer
  • Has 8 PRS and XLR balanced inputs
  • XLR inputs powered by 48V phantom 
  • Enclosed in a robust charcoal grey chassis
  • Has a simple, user-friendly panel
  • Designed with basic copy, erase, delete, and swap editing tools
  • Has 11 built-in reverb and echo effects 
  • Comes with redo and undo buttons
  • Save your final audio as a stereo WAV file
  • Comes with a 3-band channel EQ
  • Designed with eight ¼” jack output sockets for individual and MST/Monitor modes
  • Designed to record live music that can be easily transferred to a computer
  • Provides two headphones outs with individual level controls


  • Allows 8-track simultaneous recording and playback
  • Comes with high-performance mic preamps
  • Equipped with a handy 40 Gb internal hard drive
  • Allows 8 full-channel strips with effect send, 3-band EQ, fader, and gain
  • Simplifies recording with identical channels
  • Provides each channel with XLR mic and ¼” jack socket
  • Allows user to listen to audio results during record monitoring
  • Outputs every track in individual mode
  • Comes with a footswitch jack socket to simplify remote punch in/punch out recordings


  • Does not provide automation
  • Does not allow effects during the recording process
  • Comes with limited editing features


The Korg D888 Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder is a simple, robust 8-track, 8-channel recorder that is an ideal entry point for a beginner recordist. Equipped with effect send, individual controls for all EQ bands, and channel pan, this multitrack recorder has the feel of a traditional analog mixer. Its XLR balanced inputs are 48V phantom powered, so you can create great music over this 8-track hard disk recorder.

Process and mix your audio compositions easily along its internal 40-bit signal path, then save your master recordings on your external hard disk. The system does have its own 40 GB internal hard drive that works as a handy backup. When used in the MST/Monitor mode, you have the option to use the outputs 1 and 2 function as a left/right pairing with a stereo mix and level control.

Output 3 and 4 are useful for master outputs without gain control. In individual mode, you have access to every single track. Save your output in your hard disk, then remix the project by feeding individual tracks into your favorite DAW. 

You have access to the exact recorded copy in your hard disk. The D-A conversion is complete, so you can work on your mixing effects with the help of the master fader, channel fader, and pan fader controls. There are two headphone outs with level controls and a useful footswitch jack socket to simplify the remote recording process.

All your controls are in front with just the mains inlet, power switch, MIDI Out, and USB 2.0 at the back. This unit does not allow you to feed in external effects during the send/return loop, so you do not have a PFL (pre-fade listen) button to control these effects. To avoid signal peaks, this D888 digital multitrack recorder does not allow you to use a limiter or compressor after the preamp stage. You cannot interfere with the channels.

Korg D888 Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder
  • 8-channel I/O digital mixer with hard disk recorder
  • 8-track simultaneous record and playback
  • 8 XLR and TRS balanced inputs
  • High-performance mic preamps
  • 48V phantom power on XLR inputs

However, you can apply any effect with just a single click of a button or use the knob to select any one of the 11 reverbs and echoes provided with this set. This unit comes to you as a simple recording unit with basic mixing features. This user-friendly multitrack recorder is extremely easy to configure and use. You have access to manual, physical controls, similar to what you’d find in an analog recorder.

This makes it extremely user friendly. You can familiarize yourself with all these controls in no time.

Designed to work as a multitrack recorder in conjunction with a computer system, you will not have to compare processed and unprocessed signals. The Korg D888 Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder is flexible, easy to use, and has all the basic features to satisfy sound recordists who prefer the analog setup for mixing music.