What Is a Levitating Speaker? Learn Here

You will like our article if you enjoy purchasing strange gadgets and tools. After all, it presents you to the levitated speakers. No, we are not joking. They do have the ability to levitate. You may set them above their base and listen to music as they levitate in the air, or you can use them as standard speakers that rest on your table or desk and stream music wirelessly. But, you have to admit, this is the more enjoyable option.

We’ll talk about levitating speakers in this article. At the end of this article, we’ve provided a buying guide. So be sure to have a look at that. Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

What is a Levitating Speaker?

Magnetic levitation is a type of levitation in which an item is suspended in mid-air utilizing solely magnetic fields for support. Powerful magnets in both the speaker and the base produce opposing forces that enable the speaker to levitate slightly away from the base.

A floating speaker is stabilized by a magnetic base in a basic model. If the device has NFC technology, it can be charged wirelessly, while others must be charged via USB connections. Since magnetic speaker types do not make contact with the surface, their surfaces do not vibrate as much as regular speakers, allowing for superior sound quality without frequency stabilizers. As a result, the speakers are both compact and inexpensive.

In all levitating speaker models, the elevated speaker offers 360-degree sound, with the base frequently functioning as a subwoofer. In addition, when the base is plugged into an outlet, it also acts as a charging device for the speaker.

How Does a Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Work?

Although most of us are still drawn to levitating Bluetooth speakers, the theory on which they operate has been known for decades and is quite simple.

We’ve already mentioned that these speakers are composed of the base and the speaker itself. Both sections have extremely powerful magnets integrated into them. The base’s magnet is far larger than the speaker’s. Although some suggest that connecting in the base or fully charging the speaker will help identify the proper location faster, the magnetic field can be formed at any moment. You must discover the magnetic balance between the two pieces for the floating part of the speaker to levitate above the base. This isn’t always as simple as it appears. Many speakers come with plastic cutouts that help you fit the speaker precisely on the base, but you may not get any assistance at all. In any case, the science behind levitating speakers is relatively straightforward and has long been understood.

Why Should You Get Yourself a Levitating Speaker?

One of the most commonly asked topics is why to invest in levitating speakers. After all, there are far superior speakers available in terms of performance. The following are some of the reasons why people purchase Levitating Speakers.

Outstanding Sound Quality

If you choose the proper model, you will get incredible sound quality. The sound quality of the floating speaker is superior to that of regular speakers available on the market. They provide a 3D surround experience thanks to their spherical form, which allows sound to flow across the space in all directions. Listening to music will be an entirely new and more fun experience with a levitating speaker.

You can increase the volume without hurting the sound quality, which is impressive. Up to 110 decibels can be produced by a Bluetooth levitating speaker. You will not be disappointed when it comes to audio quality. All-day long, enjoy full stereo sound. Despite its small size, the sound it produces far exceeds any expectations.

Aesthetic Purposes

Just looking at a floating speaker will make you desire one right now. Its design is unquestionably stunning. There is no other device on the market that compares to a levitating speaker in terms of beauty. In addition, the device has a futuristic feel, with a rotating ball floating above a spherical magnetic base.

Since there are so many Wireless speakers on the market, no one stood out until the levitating speaker was introduced. Another bonus is that the costs are incredibly reasonable. Purchase this excellent speaker to have an incredible item in your room.


A floating speaker is also handy, in addition to its enticing looks, great functionality, and incredible sound quality. The orb may be used as a standalone speaker, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go. Another fantastic feature is that you can use the speaker to charge your laptop or smartphone. As you can see, there are numerous reasons why such a levitating speaker is an excellent investment.

It’s no surprise that this device has grown so trendy in such a short time. If you’ve decided to see what all the excitement is about, you should look for the greatest model and brand. Reading several online reviews can provide you with any information you require. This fantastic and unique device allows you to listen to your favorite music.

Buying Guide


When a new product is introduced to the market, it is always significantly more expensive than the previous items that buyers are accustomed to. The same policy applies to the manufacturing and supplying of these speakers.

Consider whether you actually need a levitating speaker as well as how much money you can or want to pay for it before purchasing one.


The number one guideline of online purchasing is to review a product, and in electronic circumstances, it’s imperative to know if the thing works. As a result, checking the reviews at the end of the Amazon page is integral to ensuring that the product is of good quality and performs as expected.


We can’t tell that these speakers have any additional features that make them more helpful than standard Bluetooth speakers. Their primary purpose is to astonish and entertain or make the typical living environment more entertaining. These speakers may be the correct fit for you if you value appearances as much as or more than sound and build quality.

Final Thoughts

Levitating speakers are capable of much more than merely listening to music. They are frequently the focal point of a room. Many people enjoy knocking on these doors simply because they offer an exotic element to the mix. Getting a levitating Bluetooth speaker, on the other hand, may transform a place from boring to attractive.

There are numerous options available if you wish to purchase a levitating speaker. For example, if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative, consider the AIR 2 CSBT; if you’re a Star Wars enthusiast, consider the Plox levitating Bluetooth speaker. The Arc Star Floating Speaker is the greatest overall levitating speaker option.