Shure SRH440 Studio Headphones Quick Review

Shure has been making audio equipment for over 80 years, so you’ve likely owned something of theirs or at least are aware of their brand. In the case of the Shure SRH440, they live up to this quality name and are able to be used every day. Here’s a look at the product itself and all the things you may be wondering about it. 

Let’s take a closer look at these headphones!

Features of the Shure SRH440

  • Adjustable headband. The headband is adjustable, so you can make sure it fits comfortably on your head. It also means that you can wear them in a couple of different ways. You can keep them on your head loose or tighten them up to keep them secure.
  • Ear cups can be replaced. Since these should last quite a while, you may see some wear on the ear cups. If this happens, all you need to do is replace these cups however. This is something that makes owning this product easier and extends the life of them too. 
  • Comes with a bag. This item also comes with a bag to carry it around in. This will help you keep all the parts together and ensure that the product has a safe place to stay, so it isn’t getting scratched up or dusty when not in use. 
  • Provide neutral sound. Unlike some other units, these give a very neutral sound. That means they won’t add any extras to the music; they’ll just let you hear it exactly as it sounds. This is great for people that need to edit music. 
  • Designed for everyday use. You are supposed to use these every day, since that’s how they are designed to perform. If the manufacturer says that’s what they are for, then you can rest assured that they will work day in and day out for whatever job you need them to do. 
  • Work well with professional audio equipment. This product is professional grade, so it isn’t all the surprising that they work well with different types of professional audio equipment. They even come with an adapter to help with that. Just plug them into your mixer, amp, or another device and see what they can do. 

 Who should use the SRH440? 

These Shure headphones are best suited for people that have their own recording studios or edit music or videos. When you need to hear things in a clear manner, they can come in quite handy. 

If you wear them when you’re recording something, they are designed to block out a lot of environmental noises and things like that, so you won’t have trouble with those aspects during the editing process. 

They’re also a sure bet for people that provide live entertainment, such as DJs. Since you can use them to hear in real time, you will be able to hear what’s going on, right along with the large speakers at the show.

Of course, the casual user will find value in these as well. They are great for listening to music since they have powerful drivers and a closed back design. They do operate through the use of a cord, but it can be removed when you need to store the product. The cord is also very well made, since it’s coiled to make it sturdier.

It will always fit into place correctly since it has a special clip that helps it lock in securely each and every time. The connection should never become loose or start to crackle. 

Even though they work best with professional audio equipment, they will also work well with other types of devices too, like phones and tablets, so you don’t have to be an expert on anything to get a lot of use out of them.

They are definitely an upgrade from the ear buds that come with some phones, and you can be sure that it’s on your head properly. If you have problems with the comfort aspect, you can take breaks when you wear them or you can adjust the band so that it gives you more space. 

Another thing that you’ll need to know is that you will have to be careful with these. Even though they can hold up well when you use them each day, they are made mostly of plastic, so if you try to put them on too quickly or fold them up the wrong way, you risk a little bit of breakage.

You can always glue or tape these parts back together, but if you are cautious, you shouldn’t have to worry about this at all. At the same time, these breakages don’t keep the product from working correctly, which is important to remember. 

Other things that make it a good purchase for practically anyone are that it comes with a case, has gold plated connectors, and is lightweight. It also delivers a clean sound that doesn’t become muddled or anything like that. 


  • Detachable cord
  • 40 mm drivers
  • Lightweight
  • Coiled cord


  • Have to be careful with them
  • Not comfortable for everyone 

Shure SRH440 – Is It Worth It?

If you want a pair of headphones that you can take from your job to the park to the studio, these will fit the bill. You can use them for the most serious recording and editing projects that you have, or you can just use them to listen to music.

They are specially formulated to be used every day and have features that make them easy to carry around with you and keep safe too. There is a case to keep them in, they fold up nicely, and the headband is adjustable enough to accommodate most head sizes. Furthermore, you are able to detach the cord, and the whole product is very lightweight. You can use these to take you farther into your music journey, and you’ll also look good doing it.

They have a solid black design that won’t make you stand out, but it will provide a comfortable and efficient experience when you use them.