A Quick Look At the Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

If you have any Sony products, you likely have a good idea of the quality of most of them. You also know that they have been making electronics for many years. That’s why they are one of the top brands when you are looking into professional stereo and recording equipment. The Sony MDR-7506 headphones are a great addition to your home studio. This review will tell you everything you need to know about them. 


  • Uses neodymium magnets
  • Foldable 
  • Has 40mm drivers
  • Comes with cord adapter


  • Cord isn’t detachable


  • Features long cord. The cord is over 9 feet long and has a gold connector at the end. This allows for great sound to come out of this product, and it is designed to last for a long time too, since it’s designed to work efficiently for a long time. Other plugs that are made of cheaper materials may become damaged and stop working the way you want them to.  Furthermore the cord is coiled, so it isn’t like your standard cord that is thin and can get tangled up. This cord is able to take a bit of a beating, and will hold up well. 
  • Made well. Besides the connector being made well, the rest of the product is too. It is comfortable in the ear area and the little parts are all protected. You are able to fold them up a bit so you can take them when you have to be away from your home, and you don’t have to worry about things getting stuck in the earpieces. Besides that, the sturdy construction means that anyone can use them. Even people with larger heads or those that are generally a little harder on their electronics should be able to use these without suffering from breakage or poor performance. 
  • Closed ear. They are closed ear, which helps you block out other types of noise. This is exactly what you want when you are using them for work purposes or when you need to edit music or video. It can help you focus on all that you’re hearing and not what is going on around you. 
  • Comfortable headband. The headband is comfortable and can be adjusted so it fits on different head sizes with ease. It is covered in a material that’s similar to leather, so there’s not going to be plastic digging into your scalp. This covering also means it’s more resistant to things like scratches. 
  • Well liked by professionals. There are people that work in broadcasting and other industries that use these headphones. They are great for hearing things that other items don’t pick up, and they are really designed to last for quite a while. You won’t have to keep buying replacement headphones when you’re using these, and you will probably have a hard time finding some that work better without spending hundreds of dollars. 

Who should use the Sony MDR-7506 Headphones? 

These headphones are best for people that edit music or videos. They allow you to sit there and listen to your projects and make changes. Since they block out other noises, you will be able to hear things clearly. It won’t block out all of the extra sounds, but hopefully you won’t be using them anywhere that has too much background noise either. 

Another reason they are best suited for professional purposes are because they are made to last. Between the sophisticated cord and the fact that the plug connector is gold, these are going to have a great connection that translates to a sound quality that is going to be hard to beat. 

Of course, no matter what size your studio or setup is, you can find a use for these. You don’t have to be a big time producer to take advantage of them. They are handy, they are easy to use, and even come with a case to keep them safe when you’re on the go. 

They even come with a connector to plug it into something like an amp or other musical equipment, so you can use them directly, instead of with your computer or laptop.

One thing to note is that the cord can’t be removed, so if you’re someone that only deals with wireless headphones, these are not going to be for you.  

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are when it comes to electronics or anything like that either. You can use these if you are a beginner or a pro. You don’t necessarily need these if you just want to listen to music though. There are much cheaper options to choose if you just want to look cool when you’re streaming songs.

They aren’t necessarily suited to things like that, since they are designed to pick up all the little details in music that you may have missed. If you are just listening to music for pleasure, this may not be a good thing, especially if the recordings are low quality. They may end up sounding even worse through these headphones.

However, they will allow you to just listen to music, so if you purchase this product, feel free to do just that if you want to. You will still be able to hear everything from the highs to the bass. 

Final Thoughts On the Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

These Sony headphones are made well and they work well. When you use them, you can hear all the parts of what you’re listening to, especially if it is music.

This product also has a very long cord that is sturdy and won’t break as easily as other models. That’s because it is coiled and has a gold connector at the end.

They are comfortable on your head and they come with a case to protect them from dust. Some professionals use them currently and they are considered professional grade.

If you have a use for some great headphones that are also simple, this is something that you’ll enjoy using.