TASCAM SD-20M Multitrack Recorder: A Quick Look

Designed as a solid-state rack-mounted audio recorder with modern functionality, the TASCAM SD-20M Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder has easily accessible features with high-quality recording capabilities. The SD-20M saves recorded media in SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards. Let’s take a quick look at this unit.

Meet the SD-20M

You can perform simultaneous recording on a maximum of four channels in 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, linear PCM (WAV format) or in Broadcast WAV Format. Compatible with ID3 tag v2.4, the SD-20M also supports 32-320 kbps MP3 format recording. Record two files at different levels simultaneously.

The system begins recording automatically as soon as it detects the input level. Set times in advance at which the system can split your recorded file into segments using the File Incrementing function. Two seconds of sound are initiated by the Pre-recording function before the recording is actually activated. The optimum level of recording can be set by the one-touch Automatic Level function.

The system also has a Limiter function that automatically reduces the input to acceptable levels if it is set too high. Low-frequency noises are removed at cut-off frequencies by its Low-cut filter. Playback speed can be adjusted from 50% to 150% in 10% increments of normal speed with the help of the Variable Speed function. This happens without affecting the pitch. 

Access the complete playlist with ease. Replay the last few seconds of your current file with a one-touch Jumpback play function. Even if it is switched off, you can continue playback at the last played location with the Resume function.

This system is powered by four AA batteries or the included A/C adapter TASCAM PS-P1220E and comes with two balanced mic/line inputs (XLR/TRS combo jacks). This unit has the capability to record audio with external microphones and from external audio devices such as CD players. You can mark your recording in BWF with the help of software.

If you want to save your audio recordings to a specific folder, select the option under folder operations and name the folder accordingly. By default, audio recordings are created within the Sound folder. The 1U rackmount enables direct microphone recording through its two microphone preamps with phantom power.

You can also capture a copy of your recording at lower level in Dual Recording mode. This way, you can have a backup of all your files. The TASCAM SD-20M Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder gives you access to a foot switch that can be operated through a wired connection or on remote. This footswitch gives you control over recording and playback. 


  • Has item dimensions of 19 x 10.1 x 1.8 inches
  • Weighs approximately 8.8 pounds
  • Uses SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards for storing recorded data
  • Records in 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, linear PCM (WAV format)
  • Supports Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) under WAV recording
  • Allows users to record as 32-320 kbps MP2 format audio with ID3 tag v2.4
  • Comes with Automatic Recording function that works on audio detection
  • Comes with a 128 x 64 dot-matrix LCD with backlight
  • Powered by included A/C adapter TASCAM PS-P1220E or four AA batteries
  • Has two balanced mic/line (XLR/TRS combo jacks) inputs
  • Comes with 1U rackmount size
  • Has a battery icon to indicate power supplied by batteries
  • Saves power with its Automatic Power Saving function
  • Works at operating temperatures between 5°C and 35°C


  • Allows simultaneous recording of four channels
  • Records files simultaneously at different levels with its Dual Rec function
  • Begins recording on auto as it senses audio input levels with its Auto Rec function
  • Protects the original recording with the two-second Pre Rec setting
  • Reduces low-frequency noise across three cut-off frequencies with a Low-Cut filter 
  • Plays the last few seconds of the last playback file with its Jumpback Play function 
  • Allows audio recording to be split with File Increment 
  • Sets at the optimum recording level with Automatic Level 
  • Comes with Limiter function to automatically reduce audio inputs recorded at high levels
  • Allows 50% to 150% variations in playback speed with 10% increments
  • Move to specific locations of your audio file with the Mark function
  • Use the Divide function to split the marked files
  • Allows playback at the last played position when the unit is switched back on
  • Use the File Name format to create a user-friendly filename with/without the date
  • Comes with indicator lights to highlight mono and stereo settings
  • Designed to benefit beginner recordists, social institutions, and promotions


  • Comes with only two I/O jacks on the back panel
  • Fitted into an oversized box

Tascam SD-20M Summary

The TASCAM SD-20M Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder is a solid-state rack-mounted audio recorder with high-quality recording capabilities. The SD-20M allows you to save files in compatible 64MB – 2GB SD cards, 4GB – 32GB SDHC cards, and 48GB -128GB SDXC cards, so you can opt for memory size of your choice. Record your audio files in WAV, BWF, and 32 – 320 kbps MP3 formats.

Record stereophonic music in two channels simultaneously. Record two files at different levels simultaneously. The SD-20M has several other interesting features like splitting your recorded file into segments at preset times and setting the optimum level for recording with one click. Your original recordings are protected, as this system initiates a two-second prerecording phase that automatically leads to the original recording. Extremely low frequencies are cut off and unbearable high levels of recording are cut down to acceptable levels on complete auto. 

You have the capability to play back your recording at 50% to 150% of the playback speed without affecting the pitch. Automatically go back to the last played position of your current file. Even if the power is shut off, the system takes you back to your last playback position with power on. Give user-friendly names to your files and store them under a specific folder for later use. You also have access to a footswitch that gives you better control over both recording as well as playback.

Tascam SD-20M Rackmount Solid State Audio Recorder with XLR Mic Inputs
  • A simple-to-use solid-state recorder for demanding installations that mounts in a single rackspace
  • Includes a pair of mic preamps with phantom power for direct mic recording, and both the mic and line inputs can be recorded simultaneously
  • The Dual Recording mode captures a copy of the audio at a lower level, so if there is distortion you have a backup safety
  • A flexible, affordable solution for long-form recording ideal for installations like schools, house of worship, and conferences
  • Includes a battery backup system – AA batteries can keep recording for hours in case of power loss

Designed for beginner recordists, the TASCAM SD-20M Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder is ideal for those who need easily accessible setups to record their compositions. This system serves social institutions, commercial launches, and promotions.